What fees are charged for the CPL Documentation Course?

The CPL Documentation Course has the same tuition rate as any other two-hour VSU course.  Students may qualify to use financial aid for this course, depending on the specific rules and regulations of their financial aid package. 

Is there a charge for evaluation of the CPL documentation? 

When students arrange to submit a documentation set (portfolio) for assessment, they must arrange payment through the VSU Bursary for the charge for the CPL evaluation based on the number of credit hours assigned for each course. The table below designates costs associated with the number of credit hours. Students must pay this evaluation charge for each assessment for which they apply.

# Credit Hours


4 - 6








Preface, Introduction, Description of Courses

Preface & Acknowledgements (Provides background information on the development of the CPL Program at VSU)


Description of Courses

CPL Documentation Course Information