What kinds of courses are available for CPL credit?

In theory, any course in the Valdosta State University curriculum could be eligible for CPL credit. However, students should be aware that there will be some courses that are more or less relevant to their learning experiences and to their degree program.

Current courses for which assessments have been developed include the following:


ACED 1100 Intro to Business

ACED 2050 Communication for the Workplace

CHEM 1211 Principles of Chemistry I

CHEM 1212 Principles of Chemistry II

CRJU 2100 Survey of Law Enforcement

CRJU 4910 Internship in Criminal Justice

CS 4121 Data Communications and Networks I

CS 4122 Data Communications and Networks II

CS 4345 Operating Systems


MSED 7002 Content Methods

MSED 7005 Teaching Internship I

*NURS 3105 RN-BSN Professional Nursing Development I: Values, Roles & Issues

*NURS 3106 RN-BSN Health Assessment Across the Lifespan

*NURS 3216 RN-BSN Health & Well-Being of Older Adults

*NURS 4105 RN-BSN Professional Nursing Development II: Research & Evidence-Based Practice

*NURS 4204 RN-BSN Community Health Nursing Care

*NURS 4205 RN-BSN Professional Nursing Development III: Leadership

*NURS 4226 RN-BSN Professional Nursing Practice

PERS 2160 Perspectives on Leadership

PERS 2690 Multicultural America

PERS 2710 Exploring Success

PERS 2730 Internet Technology

SCI 3103 Natural History for Middle School Teachers

SOCI 3190 Clinical Sociology

SOCI 4540 Internship in Sociology

SPEC 2110 / ASLS I American Sign Language I

SPEC 2120 / ASLS II American Sign Language II

Some of the above courses will require students to enroll in the CPL 2000 course in order to develop appropriate portfolios; other courses may be available for credit by departmental examination. Please consult the CPL Counselor.

*Comments about Nursing and CPL

  • Students must meet with a nursing advisor before permission is given to attempt nursing CPL.
  • Any student attempting CPL through portfolio submission must have an appropriate background of experience in the area specified by a particular course (EX: Community Health courses require some background in community health nursing care).
  • The number of years of experience required for nurses is now three (3) years (approximately 6,000 hours). The previous rule was five (5) years.
  • A letter of Proof of Experience is required.
  • A hard copy portfolio is required with two (2) CD copies (one for Nursing and one for CPL Department).
  • Residency Requirements for VSU require students to have at least thirty (30) hours of courses taken through VSU. CPL does meet residency requirement rules.

What courses are NOT available for credit by portfolio?

The courses covered by CLEP, Departmental Examination, DANTES, and ACE methods of earning credit will not be eligible for credit through the portfolio process. (See pages 5 and 6 of the CPL Student Handbook 2014 - 2015 for more information on these methods for earning credit.)

Preface, Introduction, Description of Courses

Preface & Acknowledgements (Provides background information on the development of the CPL Program at VSU)


Description of Courses

CPL Documentation Course Information