Valdosta State University has a long history with Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) beginning with a pilot program during the Fall Semester 2007 involving selective courses and academic departments.

This handbook is designed to provide students, faculty, administrators, and other interested individuals with information needed when seeking credit for prior learning which is related to specific courses at Valdosta State University. The handbook is regularly revised to incorporate institutional and system-wide policies, as well as lessons learned from the program's evolution at VSU.

The Credit for Prior Learning program began as a pilot project funded by the Transition to Teaching grant and was cooperatively developed by faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences and the Dewar College of Education. A CPL Working Group composed of members of both colleges was charged with developing the pilot project.  Members of the CPL Work Group who developed the CPL program and related materials are Dr. Heather Brasell, Dr. Ada Burnette, Dr. Mary Ellen Dallman, Dr. Sharon L. Gravett, Dr. Christine James, Dr. Sean Lennon, Dr. Jerry Merwin, Dr. Jim Nienow, Dr. Beverly Richardson-Blake, Dr. Barbara Stanley, Ms. Karen Shepard, and Dr. Arsalan Wares.


Many people helped and provided encouragement during the development of the CPL pilot program and the resulting CPL program at Valdosta State University and other University System of Georgia higher education institutions.  Among these are Dr. Ronald M. Zaccari, VSU President, and Dr. Louis Levy, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Linda Calendrillo, former Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Dr. Philip Gunter, Dean of the Dewar College of Education.  Other members of the original CPL Supporting Leadership Group included Dr. Kurt Keppler, Vice President for Student Affairs; Dr. Marsha Krotseng, former Associate Vice President for Strategic Research and Analysis; Dr. Brian Adler, former Dean of the Graduate School; Dr. John Gaston, Dean of the College of the Arts; Mr. Chuck Hudson, Registrar; Mr. Walter Peacock, Director of Admissions; and Ms. Maggie Roberts, Director of College of Education Advising Center.  The Deans’ Council has also been involved in the development of this project. We also acknowledge the contributions of one of the original CPL Working Group members, the late Dr. Adele Ducharme.

Important guidance was provided by Dr. Patricia Patterson, Executive Director of Teacher Quality Initiatives, University System of Georgia, and our consultants, Dr. Morry Fiddler and Dr. Catherine Marineau of DePaul University.  Their wealth of knowledge gave the Working Group background information and sources, when coupled with their training and experiences, to develop the CPL program at VSU.

Preface, Introduction, Description of Courses

Preface & Acknowledgements (Provides background information on the development of the CPL Program at VSU)


Description of Courses

CPL Documentation Course Information