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VSU Student Evaluation Policy 

The main goal of student evaluations is to help faculty improve courses and instruction; moreover, student evaluations are used in the annual evaluation of faculty. Therefore, faculty will administer student evaluations for each course they teach during the fall and spring semesters, and the summer sessions. All student evaluations must include both quantitative and qualitative sections and be completed by the last teaching day of the semester or summer session. Results from these evaluations will be returned to the faculty member in a timely manner. All academic units are expected to follow this policy and exceptions should be reported to the Academic Affairs Office. The Faculty Evaluation Model (FEM) was approved by VSU Faculty Senate at its April 19, 2007 meeting and at its March 25, 2021 meeting. This model included a standard Student Opinion of Instruction (SOI), a university-wide evaluation form with ten standard quantitative questions and three qualitative questions.

Online SOI Procedures 
To administer the online SOIs, VSU is utilizing a software platform called SmartEvals. This system allows each student one opportunity for each class to privately provide feedback to instructors. Once the student has completed the survey, the student ID is permanently separated from the student response.

SOI Survey Windows

Term Survey Start Date
(begins 12:01am
on this day)
Survey End Date
(end at 11:59pm
on this day)
Release Date
for Instructors
For full-term courses (15 weeks) 14 days prior to the course end date course end date full-term last class day + 10 days
For part of term courses and summer term 7 days prior to the course end date course end date full-term last class day + 10 days

Live SmartEvals Training

Sessios offerings on SmartEvals/SOI will be posted in Employee Training System. ORegister through Employee and Organizational Development's Training system. Click “Register” link to add class.

Precorded Training Videos

Department Recognition

On March 7, 2022, the Student Government Association recognized the departments of Computer Science, Chemistry, and Art & Design for the highest response rates from Fall 2021 Student Opinions of Instruction (SOI). SGA Resolution 22-01 passed unanimously. Congratulations to faculty in these departments.


For further information about SOIs and other academic questions, contact Dr. Sharon Gravett in Academic Affairs.

For further information about the SOI surveys in SmartEvals; access issues for surveys; reporting; or problems with those surveys, contact Dr. Michael Black in Academic Affairs.