SOI Procedures and Timelines

VSU Student Evaluation Policy 

The main goal of student evaluations is to help faculty improve courses and instruction; moreover, student evaluations are used in the annual evaluation of faculty. Therefore, faculty will administer student evaluations for each course* they teach during the fall and spring semesters, and the summer sessions. All student evaluations must include both quantitative and qualitative sections and be completed by the last teaching day of the semester or summer session. Results from these evaluations will be returned to the faculty member in a timely manner. Fall semester student evaluations will be returned by midterm of the following spring semester. Spring semester evaluations will be returned by midterm of the following summer session II. Summer session evaluations will be returned by midterm of the following fall semester. All academic units are expected to follow this policy and exceptions should be reported to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Faculty Evaluation Model (FEM) was approved by VSU Faculty Senate at its April 19, 2007 meeting.  This model included a standard Student Opinion of Instruction (SOI), a university-wide evaluation form with ten standard quantitative questions and three qualitative questions. **Possible exceptions must be approved by the department head and might include student teaching, practicum courses, thesis courses, directed studies, internships, or other courses with low enrollments (<5) where the anonymity could be compromised.

Online SOI Procedures 
Academic Affairs, Instructional Technology (IT), and Strategic Research and Analysis (SRA) began piloting an online delivery of the SOI in Fall 2008. The project grew in subsequent terms, and in Fall 2010, all VSU classes began using the online SOIs.   Such an approach is already being used at a variety of other institutions in the University System of Georgia.  To administer these online SOIs, VSU is utilizing the survey function in BANNER, our online registration system. The BANNER system allows each student one opportunity for each class privately to provide feedback to instructors.  Once the student has completed the survey, the student ID is permanently separated from the student response.


For further information about SOIs and other academic questions, contact Dr. Sharon Gravett in Academic Affairs.

For further information about the SOI surveys in BANNER; access issues for surveys, data or non-compliance reports; or problems with those BANNER surveys, contact Applications and Analytics in Information Technology.