Necessary adjustments between students’ academic work done at another institution and the requirements for their major program at VSU shall be the responsibility of each student, the student’s advisor, and the head of the department of the student’s major, subject to the approval of the dean or director of the appropriate College or Division (for Core Curriculum classes, approval must also come from the Office of Academic Affairs).

Students will be permitted to transfer academic credits earned with grades of “D” at other accredited institutions and apply them towards degree requirements in the Core Curriculum or lower division if allowed for native students of that department. Credits with the grade of “D” in upper division work will be transferred, and the department of the student’s major will determine if those credits are acceptable toward a degree. Please note that VSU accepts a maximum of 90 total semester hours in transfer. Additionally, of the 40 semester hours immediately preceding graduation, at least 30 must be taken in residence at VSU.

Accepted transfer courses accepted for credit are determined by the Office of Admissions and will appear on the student's BANNER transcript. If these courses do not correspond exactly to VSU courses, they will often be listed as 1XXX, 2XXX, 3XXX, etc. If these courses were transferred from another USG institution, look for an a, b, c, d, or e in parentheses after the course name. If you see such a letter, use that course to substitute in that area of the core at VSU; no course substitution form is required. If no such letter follows the course, then you must write a course substitution if you wish to use that course. If you wish to find a course description for a particular transfer course, consult College Source. This is the web site of College Source Online where you can access most college catalogues.