BEFORE meeting with an advisee, the advisor should check the advisee's BANNER transcript to update records on any in-progress courses. The advisor should also make sure that appropriate course substitution/waiver forms have been processed (signed copies of processed forms will be sent to the advisor from the Registrar's Office).

When a student and a faculty advisor meet, the advisor should have the advisees' folder containing the following materials:

  • admission information sheet, which contains information on the student and any transfer courses (be sure, though, to also check BANNER for a complete update);
  • copies of course substitution/waiver forms;a rubric showing courses to be taken in the core and the major; and an advising sheet. NOTE: undeclared students (LAS) will bring their folders from the LAS Advising Center; folders for majors should be housed in the department)

DURING the meeting, advisors should cover the following topics:

1.Discuss with the advisee courses the student could take, in light of the following:

  • transfer courses,
  • courses already taken,
  • time schedules,
  • course rotations,
  • financial aid/scholarship requirements etc.
  • graduation plans

Remember that twelve or more semester hours constitute full-time enrollment for undergraduate students; a typical undergraduate load of fifteen hours per semester will guarantee graduation in four academic years. An academic load of nineteen hours is permitted without special approval; however, an academic load higher than nineteen hours requires completion of the VSU Petition to Register for More than Nineteen Hours, showing the approvals of the advisor, the department head of the student's major, and the appropriate Dean or Director. The maximum approved load is twenty-one hours.

2. Write the advised courses on the advising sheet. At the end of the session, give the top white copy to the student and retain the yellow bottom copy for the student's file. Be sure that both the advisor and the student sign the advising form.

3. The advisor should then enter the BANNER system and make that student eligible to register.