The Core Curriculum of the University System of Georgia has been established for the general purpose of providing a basic, broad-based, general education in essential academic skills, in different perspectives on the common culture, in humanities, fine arts, science, mathematics, technology, social sciences, and other academic courses which are appropriate for preparation for the student’s major.

The Core Curriculum facilitates the educational progress of students as they pursue baccalaureate degrees within and among the various units of the University System of Georgia. It represents an effort to deal effectively with students’ curricular problems resulting from increased enrollments, increased numbers of students enrolled in two-year colleges, increased mobility of student populations, increasing numbers, and complexity of major fields of study offered in four-year schools and universities, and the transfer of credit among units of the University System of Georgia.

The Core Curriculum is composed of 60 required semester hours in several areas of study:

Area A

Essential Skills

9 semester hours

Area B

Institutional Options

4 semester hours

(at VSU, Perspectives)

Area C

Humanities and Fine Arts

6 semester hours

Area D

Science, Mathematics, and Technology

11 semester hours

Area E

Social Sciences

12 semester hours

Area F

Courses Appropriate to the Major

18 semester hours