All substitution forms for core classes must be signed by the student’s advisor, the department head of the student’s major department, the dean, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Area A

The Council on General Education recommends that the following courses proposed by institutions be rejected as substitutions for algebra or mathematical modeling in Area A; symbolic logic, elementary statistics, and math for liberal arts. (Mathematics courses other than college algebra, mathematical modeling, calculus, or pre-calculus require approval for inclusion in Area A.)

Area B

Courses in the core curriculum are not to have primary emphasis on studio, performance, field study, or internship components, or otherwise be applied in nature.

Area D

*While both BIOL 2651/2652 (Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II) are science classes with labs, they are not approved by the Council on General Education for use in Area D.

*Students and advisors must be careful not to confuse GEOG 1110 (Area D) with GEOG 1100 (Area E)

Area E

*In the 2000-2001 VSU Undergraduate Catalogue, PSYC 2700, Human Growth and Development, was incorrectly listed as an acceptable course for Area E (Social Sciences) of the core curriculum. Because of this error, the Office for Academic Affairs has been allowing course substitutions for PSYC 2700 in Area E. Effective Fall 2004, Academic Affairs will not sign any further substitutions except for those students who entered under the 2000-2001 catalogue.

*Students and advisors must be careful not to confuse GEOG 1110 (Area D) with GEOG 1100 (Area E)