February 5, 2015

Rebecca J. James, Graduate Assistant

Students Take Advantage of Groundhog Shadow Day Career Opportunities

Groundhog Shadow Day logo
Groundhog Shadow Day Logo

Valdosta State University's Office of Career Opportunities sponsored a Groundhog Shadow Day on Monday, Feb. 2. The event was designed to provide students the opportunity to shadow local professionals and gain real-world experience in how a job is performed. 

A student shadowing someone at Miller Hardware

Miller Hardware

Gail P. Green, director of Human Resources (on the right)

Alexis Patrick, a freshman undecided major from Newnan (on the left)

Why did you want to participate in VSU’s Groundhog Shadow Day event?

Green: “I have had a passion throughout my entire career to work with young people. I will participate in any opportunity to mentor a student and have the opportunity to pass on what I have learned. I want to help guide them on their way to a career.”

What do you hope Alexis learns from working with you today?

Green: “I hope that she will pick up some interesting global business ideas and that she learns a little about proper protocol in the area of human resources. I also hope this experience leads her closer to a realization of what she wants to do with her career.”

What are your career goals after graduation?

Patrick: “I want to participate in a few internships to make sure that the career I choose is right for me. I also want to work outside of Georgia to gain some experience. I am interested in the Northeast, around New York, so that is a possibility.”

What have you learned today that will benefit you in the future?

Patrick: “I have learned a lot about the operations of the human resources and shipping departments. It is interesting to learn about Ms. Green’s responsibilities and management strategies.” 

Student shadowing professionals at Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

Molly Roan, development director (on the left)

Valerie Smith, family services director (on the right)

Justyce Manerson, a freshman undecided major from Gwinnett County (in the center)

Why did you want to participate in VSU’s Groundhog Shadow Day event?

Roan: “I personally had no idea what I wanted to do when I began college. I know that students today feel the same way I did, so I want to provide exposure to the field where I found my passion.”

Smith: “I used to work as a graduate assistant for Carla Jordan, who is now the assistant director of Career Opportunities at VSU, so I know firsthand the importance of internships and how those opportunities can really help a student learn more about a career. Shadowing can help students make a decision on whether a particular career is the one they want to pursue.”

What do you hope the student learns from working with you today?

Roan: “I hope Justyce learns more about Habitat for Humanity, how it operates, and how we help people get into homes. Many people are familiar with Habitat for Humanity, but they do not know a lot about how we operate. I hope that having Justyce here will help spread that understanding.”

Smith: “I hope Justyce learns more about the ins and outs of a non-profit’s administrative side and the importance of fundraising and educating people about what we offer.”

What are your career goals after graduation?

Manerson: “I want to travel around the world, specifically India. I am also interested in helping people in some way.”

What have you learned today that will benefit you in the future?

Manerson: “One thing that has struck me today was the beauty of truly loving your job. Everyone here is passionate about what they do, and they look forward to coming to work every morning. Whatever career I choose, I want to be able to love what I do with my life.” 

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