January 13, 2015

VSU Launches Second Phase of Online Orientation

VALDOSTA—Valdosta State University’s Office of Extended Learning and Center for eLearning will launch the second phase of its online orientation on Jan. 14.  The online orientation was developed last year to help online students navigate the enrollment process, as well as obtain information and resources specifically designed to move the student toward degree completion.
Phase two will include modules focused on student academic success; gaining practical work experience and employment after graduation; tutoring in core classes, study groups, and success workshops; career counseling; and steps VSU is taking to ensure a safe campus environment.
According to Kathy J. Sundin, online communications coordinator with VSU’s Center for eLearning, the online orientation portal was designed to empower entering online learners with the knowledge and resources needed to successfully complete their enrollment process.  In addition, the online orientation portal remains available to learners throughout their studies and provides students with a valuable resource to help them graduate.
The online orientation provides a single location for delivery of important information and resources for online learners.
“We are thrilled to see other populations of VSU learners—including traditional and face-to-face students—adopt this powerful information resource as well,” said Meg Giddings, director of Extended Learning and Center for eLearning and CEO of eMajor. “Delivering information directly to students, making it available 24/7 so that learners can get the answers they need late at night rather than losing sleep over an issue or concern, and ensuring that the information featured is fully vetted by the VSU staff dedicated to providing the service were the primary goals of phase one.”
Giddings stated that phase two continues to provide content and information to enhance the educational experience for VSU online students.
Phase two was developed in partnership with Orientation, Centralized Advising, and Admissions, and includes a preliminary orientation module designed for traditional (on-campus) students coming to VSU for the first time.
“Entering students will complete this module before attending an on-campus orientation,” said Giddings. “The orientation module will introduce many of the terms, phrases, and concepts discussed at orientation before they arrive on campus. We hope this will enrich their experience and make the transition to VSU effective and easier.”
Online students can access the online orientation from the MyVSU portal located on the VSU website (www.valdosta.edu). The site provides instructions regarding advising and registration, applying for financial aid, paying tuition and fees, and purchasing books.
For more information, visit the Center for eLearning website http://www.valdosta.edu/academics/elearning/ or call 229-245-6490.

Valdosta State University’s 2013-2019 Strategic Plan represents a renewal of energy and commitment to the foundational principles for comprehensive institutions.
Implementation of the plan’s five goals, along with their accompanying objectives and strategies, supports VSU’s institutional mission and the University System of Georgia’s mission for comprehensive universities. 
The online orientation meets the following goals: 
Goal 1: Recruit, retain, and graduate a quality, diverse student population and prepare students for roles as leaders in a global society.
Goal 4: Foster an environment of creativity and scholarship.
Goal 5: Develop and enhance Valdosta State’s human and physical resources.
Visit http://www.valdosta.edu/administration/planning/strategic-plan.php to learn more.

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