March 19, 2014

Positioning Statements Tested as part of Institutional Identity Study

VALDOSTA— As part of Valdosta State University’s institutional identity study, which was launched earlier this year, six potential positioning statements will be tested to help understand and define the university’s brand identity.
During the past six weeks, focus groups have been conducted with prospective students and parents, high school guidance counselors, current students, alumni, faculty, and staff.
"The focus groups have identified the attitudes, perceptions and experiences of those participants about VSU, said Director of Marketing and Community Relations Mary Gooding. “From this information we identified six potential position statements that will now be tested through online and telephone surveys.”
With the assistance of CSM Research, all VSU faculty and staff, along with randomly selected prospective students and parents, high school counselors, current students, and alumni will have the opportunity to participate in an online or telephone survey.  
Based on the information collected from the online and telephone surveys, VSU will develop a final positioning statement and creative campaign concepts.
“The research and surveys help us understand how the public views Valdosta State University,” said Gooding. “Based on these opinions and perceptions we will create a compelling brand identity that effectively communicates to potential high school students and other key audiences the core strengths of the university.”
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