Banner Web Security Makes PIN-to-Password Change

February 6, 2006

Banner Web Security Makes PIN-to-Password Change

To improve security, VSU faculty, staff, and student users of the campus Banner Web system will be required as of February 15 to change their numeric PIN to an alpha-numeric password when first signing on the Banner Web via the Login link reached by users through a web browser. Everyone will then be required to change their password at least once every 180 days. This change only addresses Banner-Web (not GUI) PIN.

On February 15th all Banner-Web PINs (currently 6 digits) expire. Upon login on or after February 15th, each user will be notified that PIN has expired at which time the user must choose an 8 character password consisting of letters and numbers.

Users that need assistance with Banner accounts should contact the Registrar's Office (333-5727).

Web pages that demonstrate the PIN to Password change including instructions can be found on the Helpdesk websites: and