VSU Wireless

The University’s wireless network provides high-speed Internet access and state of the art security features throughout campus to students, employees, and guests. VSU Wireless is currently comprised of TWO independent network systems: VSU-WiFi and VSU-Personal  


Click to Connect to VSU-WiFi

 Connect to Vsu-Personal

  • Available in all areas that are not yet converted to the new VSU-WiFi network
  • Select VSU-StartHere in your network list
  • Launch your web browser to connect via the SmartPass Connect Wizard
  • After completing the steps provided by the wizard, your device will be moved to the VSU-Personal network

IMPORTANT: Until all buildings and areas are converted to the new VSU-WiFi network, you will need to connect to both systems in order to have continuous access. You should only need to connect once to each network, and will only need to establish connection again if you change your MyVSU password.


Contact IT Helpdesk:
Walk-in: Odum Library, 2nd Floor
Phone: 229-245-HELP (4357)

Helpdesk Hours:

Mon-Thurs: 8am-9pm

Friday: 8am-5pm

Saturday: 11am-5pm

Sunday: 1pm-7pm

WIRELESS UPGRADE: Beginning in summer 2015, VSU began upgrading its existing wireless network system to provide even more access to faster and more reliable connectivity by supplanting the entire wireless and wired infrastructure. The upgrade will affect the entire campus—nearly 3 million square feet! The strategic plan includes outfitting the nine residence halls with access points (APs) by the first week of August; followed by academic and administrative buildings, including Kings Bay campus, using a prioritized timeline. Approximately 1600 APs will be placed in areas to support high-density usage with coverage including residents’ rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, dining spaces, the Pedestrian Mall, and the front lawn midpoint. Additionally, advanced caching capabilities will allow local delivery of Internet content in the highest bit-rate available—which means super-fast iOS updates and high-definition (HD) media streaming (i.e., Netflix and YouTube).

KEY BENEFITS: Increased Bandwidth, Expanded Access Points, and Added Caching Capabilities

VSU-WiFi LOCATION LIST (Click to View Map)

The following buildings/areas are currently connected to the new VSU-WiFi wireless network: