2015-2016 FSRC Meetings

Date of Meeting

Meeting Time/Place

Deadline to submit Proposal for review at monthly meeting
(ONLY FOR Course/Curriculum Development or Instructional Improvement Proposals) *




No Meeting

January 28th 11:00 /BSC 3026 January 18th
February 25th 11:00/BSC 3026 February 15th
March 24th 11:00/BSC 3026 March 14th
April 28th 11:00/BSC 3026 April 18th
May 26th 11:00/BSC 3026 May 16th

**Depending on availability of Faculty Scholarship funding.

** Professional Presentation proposals need to be submitted two weeks prior to travel date.  (*with the exception of April, May and June when year-end deadlines apply). 

** Proposals submitted AFTER travel will NOT be accepted. No Exceptions.