2016-2017 FSRC Meetings

Date of Meeting

Meeting Time/Place

Deadline to submit Proposal for committee review




No Meeting

January 28th 11:00 /BSC 3026 January 18th
February 25th 11:00/BSC 3026 February 15th
March 24th 11:00/BSC 3026 March 14th
April 28th 11:00/BSC 3026 April 18th
May 26th 11:00/BSC 3026 May 16th

** Professional Presentation proposals need to be submitted ten working days prior to first day of travel (with the exception of travel that is to occur in the months of April, May and June when the published year-end deadlines from the Office of Financial Services are issued). 

** Proposals submitted AFTER travel will NOT be accepted. No Exceptions.