One Love Escalation Workshop

About One Love

Founded in 2010 to honor Yeardley Love, One Love works to ensure everyone understands the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship.

One Love exists for one reason:

Yeardley Love was killed and her death was avoidable if anyone in her life had truly understood the unhealthy and increasingly dangerous relationship behaviors they were seeing.

What is the Escalation Workshop?

The Escalation Workshop is a film-based discussion that opens people’s eyes to the warning signs of relationship abuse. The workshop consists of a film, Escalation, followed by a guided discussion led by a trained facilitator.

What is the workshop format?

The film follows a college-aged couple through the very sweet beginnings of their relationship and shows how unhealthy behaviors can escalate into abuse.

After watching the film, workshop participants dive into a discussion about the film—led by trained facilitators—discussing the early warning signs of relationship abuse and what they can do if they witness or experience these warning signs. The conversation is led by a facilitator that has been trained by One Love.

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