Rental Center

The Rental Center has transitioned to Curbside Rentals to better serve the needs of the VSU Community. The friendly staff is very knowledgeable about the many items CORE Outdoors offers to students.

1. Location: Campus Recreation Center, First Racquetball Court

2. Hours: By appointment only

3. Payment: Credit Card Only (in-person or over the phone)

4. Stipulations: Read and sign rental form/waiver prior to YOU getting gear (for students, faculty, staff, Rec Center members).

5. Gear Reservations: Complete the Rental Reservation Form & pay up to 30 days in advance.

6. Refunds: All Rentals and Trips are Non-Refundable (CORE Credit available).

7. Limits: You can reserve 2 packages per person, i.e., 2 tents, 2 kayaks, etc….

8. Check-Out Procedures: Complete the Rental Reservation Form at least 48 hours prior to checking out equipment.  Bring ID, inspect your gear, ask questions if you need assistance (trained, friendly staff can show you how to use).

9. Check-In Procedures: Bring gear to the designated drop off location. All gear should be in a clean/dry condition to avoid cleaning or repair fees.

10. Phone: Call 229-245-2355.

Rental Reservation Form

Information & Pricing