Rental Center

The Rental Center is open 26 hours weekly for your convenience. The friendly staff is very knowledgeable about the many items CORE Outdoors offers to students.

1. Location: Campus Recreation Center, First Raquetball Court

2. Hours: M & F (11-6), T,W, TH (2-6)

3. Payment: Cash, Check, or Flex/1 Card

4. Stipulations: Read and sign rental form/waiver prior to YOU getting gear (for students, faculty, staff, Rec Center members).

5. Gear Reservations: Complete Forms & Pay -up to 30 days in advance.

6. Refunds: All Rentals and Trips are Non-Refundable (CORE Credit available).

7. Limits: You can reserve 2 packages per person, i.e., 2 tents, 2 kayaks, etc….

8. Check Out Procedures: Bring ID, inspect your gear, ask questions if you need assistance (trained, friendly staff can show you how to use).

9. Check IN Procedures: Bring gear with enough time for inspection. All gear should be in a clean / dry condition to avoid cleaning or repair fees.

10. Phone: 229-245-2355 Our friendly staff will say “CORE Outdoors, How may I help you?”

Information and Pricing