Leadership Challenge Course

If your group is having trouble working together or needs to do a little bonding, then VSU Challenge Course is the perfect environment. Participants are first broken up into groups of 15 or less. Then, our facilitators go through the essential elements of successful teams. These elements (15 high elements and 15 low elements) are the focus of a series of challenges and events that require group interaction. After each challenge, the groups have a debriefing session about their performance, their strengths, and the areas in which they need to improve. All events are "Challenge by Choice" which means participation is requested for the strength of the team but not required, as some of these events may be outside of an individual's comfort zone. Working together is an important skill for groups of any size, but it is not a skill that comes naturally. It must be developed as well as understood, and VSU's Challenge Course will do just that! 

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