For students who have not previously been diagnosed with a disability:


There are some situations when a student finds that they are experiencing barriers and suspects that this may be because of a disability that has not previously been identified. Perhaps a student will have a recommendation from a faculty or staff member to explore whether or not there is any support that can be provided by the Access Office. Whatever the reason, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns and recommend resources that might be helpful to you.


In the event that one of our team members suspects that there may be an undiagnosed disability that would make some course design elements inaccessible, students may be referred to an appropriate on campus resources (Counseling Center, Student Health Services, Speech and Hearing Clinic) and/or the Regents Center for Learning Disorders (RCLD) located at Georgia Southern University for evaluation/testing. While there may be no cost or minimal cost associated with on-campus resources, there is a fee for psychoeducational testing at the RCLD.


There are some occasions when funds (e.g., scholarship monies) are made available to support the cost of psychoeducational testing (at the RCLD only); these funds are separate from the Access Office. In the event that an Access Office team member believes that the testing is necessary to support the requested accommodations, they will inform you of any available (external) funds. Students are also encouraged to use outside agencies (e.g., Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency) that may be able to cover the cost of testing. Finally, students can seek additional documentation from private agencies. It is recommended that students share the guidelines for documentation set by the University System of Georgia with any outside agency to determine whether or not they are able to provide the necessary information to support accommodation requests prior to testing.