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  • Adult and Career Education


    VSU doctoral program  recognized as the #1 Most Affordable Doctoral Program by

    The Doctor of Education degree with a major in Adult and Career Education provides advanced, professional learning for individuals pursuing careers in teaching and leadership of adult and career education and related fields.  This program prepares students for working with adult learners in career education fields in the secondary and postsecondary education and private workforce education and government agency contexts. 

  • Biology


    Biology is the study of life and living organisms. Biologists study the five principles of biology including cell theory, gene theory, homeostasis, evolution, and energy and thermodynamics. Biology students at Valdosta State University learn the basic principles of biology, along with the latest developments in the biological sciences, and develop the ability to understand and critically analyze biological issues. Students are prepared for advanced study in a variety of graduate programs and for careers in biology-related fields.


    • Agricultural Scientist
    • Biologist
    • Botanist
    • Clinical Laboratory Scientist
    • Doctor of Medicine
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  • Business Administration


    A master of business administration degree helps business professionals succeed by equipping them with advanced skills in areas such as accounting, marketing, economics, quantitative methods, organizational behavior and finance. The degree is one of the most popular postgraduate degrees and is an important tool for professionals hoping to advance their careers. The Master of Business Administration program at Valdosta State University integrates knowledge of the functional areas of business with ongoing developments in business practice. Graduates of the program are able to solve real-world business problems, have an appreciation for diverse cultural perspectives and are prepared for management careers in both for-profit and not- for-profit organizations.


    • Accountant
    • Budget Analyst
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Chief Information Officer
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  • Communication Arts


    Valdosta State University offers a graduate program with emphases in Mass Media and Communication. The mission of the program's faculty is to provide a graduate-level curriculum that combines advanced theoretical knowledge and applied skills that will allow students to assume positions of leadership in their chosen professions and prepare them for study at the doctoral level. Thesis and non-thesis options are available.

  • Communication Disorders


    Communication disorders can affect people of all backgrounds and involve problems with speech, language and auditory processing. People with communication disorders may have difficulty getting their message across or receiving communication from other sources. Students in the communication disorders program at Valdosta State University are introduced to the field of speech-language pathology and develop the intervention skills necessary to help individuals with communication disorders.


    • Speech Clinician
    • Speech Therapist
    • Speech, Language and Hearing Scientist
    • Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders


    The objective of the program is to prepare advanced practitioners and future university clinical faculty in Communication Sciences and Disorders through provision of an affordable, rigorous, high quality clinical doctorate. The clinical doctorate would have emphasis on the social and cultural aspects of communication sciences and disorders (speech and language pathology) as it applies to both allied health care and educational services to under-served populations.

    This clinical doctorate is designed to deepen the knowledge, leadership, and problem-solving skills of current practitioners with a focus on coursework and applications that incorporate current research, ethical decision-making, and models of best practice. The curriculum will prepare doctoral students to analyze, synthesize, and apply research-based theory to their current work environment and through the development of the applied dissertation.

  • Counselor Education


    The Master of Education (M.Ed.) program in Counselor Education requires a total of 60 semester. Students will begin in the summer semester (only) after being admitted to the program. The M.Ed. in Counselor Education allows students to focus on one of two tracks: School Counseling or Clinical Mental Health Counseling. The School Counseling track of the program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Programs (CACREP). The newly developed Clinical Mental Health Counseling track is CACREP-like and adheres to CACREP accreditation standards.


    • Career Counselor
    • Licensed Professional Counselor
    • School Counselor
  • Curriculum & Instruction: P-12 Disciplinary Concentration



    VSU doctoral program  recognized as the #1 Most Affordable Doctoral Program by

    The Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction: P-12 Disciplinary Concentration degree offers an engaging and flexible educational model designed to fit the busy schedules of working professional educators in a variety of instructional fields. Our innovative program provides practical opportunities for students to relate theoretical foundations to curricular and instructional issues facing schools and other educational systems. You will enjoy learning from our quality faculty whose real-world experience and knowledge has been acquired through many years learning, researching, and working in the domains of our field. Our program delivery includes online and hybrid options. Additionally, 2 required one-day doctoral seminars are held on a Saturday in Valdosta, GA in June at the beginning of year one and beginning of year 2. Electives will vary in delivery format based on your approved selections, and they must align with your declared disciplinary concentration.

    Advantages of this program are:

    • Approved by the GaPSC as an advanced program, which will lead to a certificate upgrade but will add no new field to your certificate.
    • Students holding a valid GaPSC Standard Professional certificate (or higher) qualify for the Alternate Level 6 Certification Option upon successful completion of 36 credit hours and an approved portfolio.
    • Students holding a valid GaPSC Standard Professional certificate (or higher) qualify for a Level 7 Certification upon successful degree completion.
    • No GACE exam required
    • Available concentrations include:


    Architectural Drawing / Design

    Behavioral Sciences

    Business Ed.

    Curriculum & Instruction

    Elementary Education




    Health & Physical ED


    Instructional Technology


    Media specialist

    Middle Grades Fields


    Political Science




    SP ED Adapted Curriculum

    SP ED General Curriculum


    Trade and Industrial Fields


  • English


    English majors are good writers and effective communicators and possess the ability to process complex ideas and understand and successfully communicate with others. The English program at Valdosta State University builds upon the basic knowledge, skills and values provided by the core curriculum while preparing students for a wide range of careers and for graduate study in numerous fields.


    • Advertising Professional
    • Book Publisher
    • Communications Specialist
    • Copy Editor
    • Copywriter
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  • Exercise Physiology


    The Masters in Exercise Physiology program is housed in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, in the School of Health Sciences. The program integrates an advanced scientific study of the biological, physiological, and rehabilitative medical sciences as they relate to physiological responses to exercise and other aspects of human health. This includes instruction in muscular and skeletal anatomy; molecular and cellular basis of skeletal muscle contraction; substrate utilization; systemic physiological responses to exercise; fatigue and exhaustion; muscle and body training; physiology of specific exercises and activities; physiology of injury; and the effects of disabilities and disease.

    Our faculty specialize in the areas of Exercise Physiology with expertise in clinical exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, cardiovascular physiology, clinical exercise testing and prescription, skeletal muscle performance and fatigue, sport nutrition, thermoregulatory and occupational physiology, physical activity monitoring, chronic disease management, and obesity and weight management.


    • Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialist
    • Hospital Settings
  • Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner


    Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (FPMHNP) are advanced practice registered nurses who assess, diagnose, and treat mental health issues across the lifespan through pharmacotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic interventions. FPMHNPs work in clinical settings that include private, state or Veterans Administration in-patient or outpatient psychiatric facilities, private psychiatric practices, and community mental health centers. PMHMPs also provide services in settings such as correctional facilities, domestic violence shelters, residential substance abuse facilities, and schools.

  • History


    History is the study of past events, people and eras. The discipline involves research, reading and writing, with an emphasis on interpreting and analyzing information. The history program at Valdosta State University is a good choice for students interested in the discipline who want to broaden their educational horizons and prepare for a number of careers or graduate school.


    • Archivist
    • Community Relations Professional
    • Congressional Aide
    • Historian
    • Historic Site Professional
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  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology


    Since the inception of the I-O Program at VSU in 1984, our students have had a high success rate in acquiring jobs in human resources, research, and human services. Part of the success of our students can be attributed to the opportunities provided by on-site practicum experiences. Students have served as human-resource interns with local, regional, national, and international organizations in manufacturing, human services, health care, civil service, banking, and government contracting. The opportunity for on-site experience is further enhanced by VSU's Office of Cooperative Education.

    Students and faculty in the I-O program staff Azalea Consulting, a vibrant consultation service that assists regional companies, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies to solve critical administrative issues. Students learn to assist organizations with the creation, implementation, and evaluation of core functions such as strategic planning, HR development, personnel selection, and job analysis. Students and faculty work together to strategically solve workplace challenges using the latest technology and data resources, combined with a creative and collaborative approach.

    Each student is required to complete 45 semester-hours for the Master of Science degree in I-O Psychology. These requirements include 6 credit hours of on-site practicum experience. Completion of a master’s thesis is optional, but recommended for those preparing for doctoral study.

  • Marriage and Family Therapy


    The MFT program addresses the interpersonal and social context of mental health and emotional problems. The curriculum focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary to access and intervene in the interactions among people. It prepares students to use an active, positive approach to therapy that will help individuals and their families build upon their strengths, improve communication, and develop solutions to their problems.


    • Caseworker
    • Child/family Psychologist
    • Clinical Therapist
    • Clinician
    • Marriage and Family Therapist
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  • Middle Grades or Secondary Education


    Valdosta State University offers a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) initial certification program in either Middle Grades or Secondary Education, with two curriculum tracks. This program is designed for those who obtained an undergraduate degree in majors other than education.


    The Employed Teacher track is for those who are currently teaching on a non-renewable (provisional) certificate. It is designed as a two year program; at the end of the first year a candidate may be recommended for initial renewable certification (T-4) and at the end of the second year a candidate may earn a master's degree (M.A.T.) with a T-5 certification.


    The Full-Time Student track of the M.A.T. is a fifth year program beyond a bachelor's degree and is a full-time day time program in which candidates may earn a master's degree (M.A.T.) and renewable teaching certification in four semesters. Cohort groups begin in June or January.


    • Certified Physical Education Teacher
    • Children’s Minister
    • Curriculum Development Specialist
    • Education Management Specialist
    • Family Services Worker
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  • Music Education


    The MAT in Music Education is a full-time fifth-year program beyond the bachelor's degree in which candidates may earn a Masters of Arts in Teaching degree and become eligible for initial certification in Music Education after meeting all program requirements, passing the GACE at the Induction or Professional level, and earning a passing score on the edTPA certification portfolio. The curriculum is designed to produce graduates with exceptional content knowledge and pedagogical expertise who will engage, inspire, and educate P-12 students. The MAT in Music Education program provides preparation in pedagogy and necessary skills to perform as teachers in the P-12 environment. This program prepares students to document and assess student learning outcomes and to be conversant with innovative practices within the field.


    • P-12 Band Director
    • P-12 Chorus Instructor
    • P-12 Music
  • Music Performance


    Music is the art of combining vocal or instrumental sound to evoke emotion, produce beauty of form, or create harmony, melody or rhythm. Humans have been making music since the beginning of time, and music is present in some form in every culture and society around the world. The music department at Valdosta State University prepares students to have lifelong careers as musicians, music educators or professionals who work in the field of music.


    • Accompanist
    • Acoustical Engineer
    • Arts Educator
    • Band Director
    • Band Leader
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  • Nursing


    Nurse Practitioners (NPs) play a crucial role in the medical system as clinicians with expertise in diagnosing and treating health conditions. NP’s emphasis is on health promotion, management, and disease prevention. They work in a variety of settings including hospitals, health care provider offices, clinics, schools, academia, and other environments in which medical care is rendered. Students in the Valdosta State University MSN program develop critical thinking skills, gain an appreciation for diverse cultural perspectives, and learn how to address policy disputes and social problems related to health care. Upon graduation, Valdosta State MSN students assume leadership in the fields of nursing and health care, making a positive impact on their communities and touching people’s lives every day.


    • Family Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
    • Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Public Administration


    The Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree is a non-thesis program. Applicants for admission to the MPA program are considered for acceptance regardless of their undergraduate degree area. This program is designed to allow in-service professionals the opportunity to meet the degree requirements in a swift, convenient manner. The MPA is offered in three concentrations: Public Sector Management, Public Sector Human Resource Management, and Public Policy. The Public Sector Management and Public Policy concentrations are offered fully online, while the Public Sector Human Resource Management is offered in a traditional setting at the Moody Air Force Base Campus.


    • Assistant City Manager
    • Budget Analyst
    • Budget Director
    • City Administrator
    • City Manager
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  • Social Work


    Social workers help individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities restore and enhance their capacity for social functioning. Social Workers care about their fellow citizens, want to help people improve their situations and strive to make a positive difference in people’s lives. The social work program at Valdosta State University prepares students for clinical practice and licensure in social work and produces graduates who are qualified to practice with diverse populations in multiple settings.


    • Case Manager
    • Caseworker
    • Child and Family Specialist
    • Child Welfare Worker
    • Client Advocate
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  • Sociology


    Sociology is a social science that involves the study of human society. It’s an expansive discipline, encompassing a range of research areas and potential careers. Broadly, sociologists examine how societies and social institutions maintain cohesion and a sense of collectivity, and how individuals and groups organize collectively to create social change. They do this through pairing theoretical arguments with empirical data. The graduate program focuses on applied sociology, a field in which sociological knowledge is used to analyze real-world situations. Students in the program will learn to skillfully design their own research studies. To do this, they will collect and analyze original data collected through surveys, interviews, and observations, or, they will systematically examine human-created content, such as written documents or online discussion forums. Students will also further develop skills in analyzing and interpreting existing data, such as from the Census Bureau, the General Social Survey, or the World Values Survey. Students have the opportunity to take a diversity of graduate courses, from those examining the role of race, class, and gender in shaping access to societal resources and inequality, to environmental sociology, sociology of law, sociology of the family, and sociology of religion.


    • Consultant
    • Human Resources Manager
    • Program Coordinator
    • Research Analyst
    • Service Provider
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