Web Design Certificate

Build a foundation of critical knowledge and skills in web design.

You may take courses in either the instructor-led or self-paced tutorial format (as available).

To earn this certificate you must:

This certificate program is entirely online. Individual courses start at $129. Course bundles start at $199. Check our online course schedule for start dates.

Core courses:

Electives (choose minimum of 2):

Digital Marketing Certificate

Develop a foundation in Internet and social media marketing.

You may take courses in either the instructor-moderated or self-guided course format (as available).

To earn a certificate you must:

This certificate is entirely online. Classes start at $129 each. Course bundles start at $199. Start dates are listed with each course description.

Required classes:

Electives (Choose minimum of two):

Please note: Courses in certificate programs are subject to change. VSU PACE reserves the right to amend our policies at any time and will contact those participants who may be affected by any policy adjustments.

(Updated 23April2021)