VSU/PCOM School of Pharmacy 3 + 4 Program

Under an agreement between VSU and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) School of Pharmacy, students may earn a BS in Chemistry and a PharmD upon completion of this program. Students begin with acceptance to PCOM's Early Assurance Program. The 3 + 4 program consists of three years of undergraduate coursework at VSU under a modification of the Chemistry Pre-Professional option. After acceptance and matriculation to PCOM's PharmD program, approved courses from the first two years of study at PCOM are transferred to VSU to satisfy upper division requirements to complete the BS in Chemistry. Students interested in this program should  contact PCOM about the Early Assurance Program and the Chemistry department at VSU. More information about PCOM's Early Assurance Program, including the benefits and the requirements can be found here.

VSU Chemistry majors who complete the the Pre-Professional Option degree requirements with the following modifications and earn a PharmD from PCOM through the Early Assurance Program at PCOM will earn a B.S. from VSU and a PharmD from PCOM. 

Modifications VSU Core Areas A-F and the Pre-Professional Option curriculum are as follows: 

  1. MATH 1401 and CHEM 1210 will satisfy Core Area B.
  2. COMM 1100 must be taken as a Core Area C elective.
  3. ECON 2105 or ECON 2106 must be taken as a Core Area E elective.
  4. BIOL 1108 and BIOL 1108L will satisfy the Science elective, 2000-level or higher, requirement.
  5. The Modern Foreign Language requirement is waived (9 credit hours).
  6. Additional required courses are BIOL 2651, BIOL 2652, and CHEM 4210.
  7. The requirement for 30 of the last 40 hours to be taken in residence at VSU is waived.
  8. After acceptance and matriculation to PCOM School of Pharmacy, a minimum of 22 credit hours from PCOM School of Pharmacy courses that are approved by the Chemistry department will be transferred to VSU as upper division hours to satisfy all remaining requirements for the Chemistry major: Pre-Professional Option.