Welcome to the College of Science and Mathematics,

I am delighted to be serving as the Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics at Valdosta State University. I hope to bring many years of dedication to higher education, as well as a culture of innovation success to the College.

I want to thank you for choosing a major in our College. You are joining an exciting group of students, faculty and staff. We are invested in changing the lives of our students via a transformative brand of education, unique in South Georgia. Our brand of education is project and context driven with a focus on academic and teaching excellence, emphasis on undergraduate research, opportunities for experiential learning, and a close working relationship with the community.

You will become part of a very nurturing community where our faculty are passionate about their teaching and research and focused on finding ways to help you realize your dreams. You will also become part of a unique culture of mutual respect, embedded in the three key elements of the Blazer Creed: civility, integrity, and citizenship.

Your decision to pursue a career in the STEM fields will provide you with opportunities to bring forth new innovations and ideas that will improve the lives of people in your community. The College of Science and Mathematics is proud to come alongside you and to guide you through a journey of discovery and change to better meet the needs of a dynamically evolving global society. Together, we can make the world a better place.

I look forward to working with you throughout your journey at VSU and to be an advocate for your success before and well after graduation.


Dr. Pierre-Richard Cornely
Dean, College of Science and Mathematics