Honors Service and Experiential Learning Contract


The HONORS Service Learning contract is required of all Honors Scholars service projects and for students engaged in Experiential Learning Projects. Please review the guidelines carefully to ensure that your project/activity will be approved.

Service learning connects classroom curriculum with service projects. This is achieved through community-based education and civic engagement. It engages students in projects that serve multiple communities in building social, civic, and academic skills.

“Service learning is a pedagogical strategy, not an outcome. Service learning is an opportunity for students to learn 21st century skills through project development, implementation, and reflection: Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, and Creativity. Research demonstrates when students participate in high quality service-learning we see positive academic, social/emotional, and civic outcomes.” (Service Learning, CPS, 2013)

To view examples of student projects, visit our YouTube channel. As many of our experiential projects require a 3-minute presentation, here is a link to 10 helpful hints for improving presentations. (Fischer, 2012, University of Queensland)

Please complete the service and/or experiential form in the Honors Portal. Any incomplete forms will not be accepted. 

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