Honors Advising Guidelines

The Honors College strongly encourages students to attend honors advising sessions at least once per academic year to ensure their satisfactory progression toward completion of their Honors requirements. These sessions provide students an opportunity to review their standing in the program and discuss ideas for Honors core courses, Honors Options, service learning, and global experiences. Advising also provides students with a space to explore connections between coursework and collegiate experiences for the final Honors portfolio.

Students should be aware that Honors advising does not replace academic advising. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they are planning and completing the Honors College requirements effectively. If a student enters the Honors College already having completed some core requirements, then he or she should discuss with an Honors advisor flexible and creative ways to catch up. Honors advisors are here to help facilitate a plan of action to help all students complete Honors requirements satisfactorily.

We want all of our students to complete as many of the other honors requirements as possible before taking Honors 3990/9 and 4990. Therefore, long-term planning is essential to prevent an Honors course overload. Listed below are helpful guidelines to help keep you on track. Make sure to look ahead and prepare for requirements in future semesters.

Create an account to schedule an appointment:

  1. Go to the VSU home page
  2. Select the MYVSU link on the top right-hand side
  3. Log in using your VSU email and password
  4. on the right-hand side, select Advising Appoinment Scheduler
  5. Register: Review and complete the New Client Form
  6. Click the "click here" button
  7. Select College of Honors and Exploratory Studies

Making an appointment and walk-in hours:

  1. Select College of Honors and Exploratory Studies, find YOUR advisor's name and view availability
  2. Find your advisor and "walk-ins" next to it for availability
  3. Find your advisor and "appointments" next for appointments

First and Second Year Students

In your first and second years in the Honors College, you should consider the following questions:

  • Are you coming to Honors advising at least once per academic year?
  • Are you taking at least one Honors core course per semester?
  • Have you taken Honors 1990, Honors 2010, and Honors 2990?
  • Have you thought about the following key Honors objectives and how to plan to fulfill them?
    • Global experience
    • Honors Options
    • Service learning
    • Leadership
    • Research
  • Are you thinking about and writing about the connections between your Honors courses activities and your other college experiences? Save this writing and reflection for your Honors e-portfolio.
  • Are you using Honors work as a vehicle through which to traverse, build on, and expand your academic interests and passions?
  • Are you participating in at least one new activity per semester? Are you documenting these experiences in your resume and/or curriculum vitae?

We hope students are going outside their comfort zones and exploring the opportunities available to them in order to gain experience beyond the classroom setting. For example, students should actively consider:

  • Taking on leadership roles
  • Presenting at academic conferences (especially with the Honors College)
  • Volunteering
  • Involvement with the Honors Student Association
  • Collaborating with other students on academic projects

Third and fourth Year Students

In your third and fourth years in the Honors College, you should consider the following questions:

  • Have you been and are you still coming to Honors advising at least once per academic year?
  • Have you completed your Honors core requirements?
  • Are you completing your Honors major course requirements through Honors Options or Experiential learning?
  • Are you aligning yourself to be finished with Honors requirements by the time of your graduation? 
  • Have you fulfilled (or are you finishing up) the following key Honors objectives?
    • Global experience
    • Honors Options
    • Service learning
    • Leadership opportunities
    • Internships
    • Undergraduate research
  • Have you been reflecting on these experiences and how they have contributed to your overall professional, academic, and personal development? Can you articulate how your involvements in the Honors College have been effective to those ends? You should be writing about your reflections so that you will have artifacts that show evidence of development to place in your e-portfolio.
  • Are you scheduled to complete Honors 3990/9 and Honors 4990 before graduating?
  • Have you filled out the Honors graduation application? https://www.valdosta.edu/colleges/honors/forms/certification-application.php

If you have any questions about advising send us an email at: cohnexadvising@valdosta.edu 


Fill out the form and submit at the end of your advising session. This document is part of the advising process and will be an artifact in the Honors e-portfolio.


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