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The Master of Education Degree (MEd) Program in Elementary Education is designed to build on the Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and meets the requirements to earn an upgraded teaching certificate from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Candidates are expected to developing abilities to deal with more of the intricate aspects of the teaching experience. In the Master of Education program in Elementary Education, the candidate will gain a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge, research, and dominant theories of early childhood education to support effective teaching of young children. The program also builds a strong link to classroom instruction and implementation of knowledge and skills in elementary school settings.

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Admission Requirements

Admission requirements can be found at the following page: Admission Requirements


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Course Code and Name hours semesters available
PSYC 7010   Learning and Assessment 3 Fa-Sp-Su
RSCH 7100   Research Methodology in Education 3 Fa-Sp-Su
ELED 7210   Assessment in Elementary Education 3 Fa-Sp-Su
ELED 7220   Elementary Inclusive Environments 3 Fa-Sp-Su
ELED 7230   Teachers as Mentors, Coaches, and Leaders in Elementary Education 3 Fa-Sp
ELED 7320   Curriculum and Instructional Strategies P-5 Hour 3 Fa-Sp
ELED 7330   Issues and Trends in Elementary Education 3 Fa-Sp-Su
ELED 7340   Action Research in Elementary Education 3 Fa-Sp
ELED 7540   Integrating Creativity and Critical Thinking in Elementary Education 3 Fa-Sp-Su
ELED 7550   Differentiating Instruction in P-5 Classrooms 3 Fa-Sp-Su
ELECTIVES (6 hours)
Examples of Suggested Electives (Click here for full list)
ELED 6000   Special Topics in Elementary Education 3
ELED 6110   Advanced Science Content and Pedagogy in Life Science for K-5 Teachers 3
ESOL 6010   Applied Linguistics for ESOL Teachers 3
PSYG 5610   Nature and Needs of Children Who are Talented and Gifted 3
LEAD 7130   Technology Leadership for School Improvement 3
TOTAL: 36 hours

Graduation Information

Information about graduation can be found at the following page: Graduation Information