*Initial Certification

Adult and Career Education

M.Ed. Business Education
* B.S.Ed. Technical, Trade, and Industrial Education (Secondary) (Postsecondary)
M.Ed. Adult and Career Education (TTI Option) (T & D Option)
B.S. Administrative Services
A.A.S. Cooperative Program with Technical Colleges
A.A.S. Dental Hygiene (Coop. Program/Val. Tech.)
B.A.S. Technical Studies
Ed. D. Adult & Career Education
Endorsement: Director of Vocational Education

Curriculum and Instructional Technology

M.Ed. Instructional Technology
* (Library/Media Technology Option)
(Technology Applications Option)
(Technology Leadership Option)
Ed. S. Instructional Technology
Ed. D. Curriculum and Instruction
Endorsement: Director of Media Centers Program
Endorsement: Teacher Support Specialist Program

Early Childhood & Reading Department

* B.S.Ed. Early Childhood Education
M.Ed. Early Childhood Education
(P-3 Option) (Content Option)
Ed.S. Early Childhood Education
M.Ed. Reading Education
Ed.S. Reading Education

Educational Leadership Department

* M.Ed. Educational Leadership
(Building, System, & Higher Ed. Level Options)
Ed.S. Educational Leadership
(Building & System Level Options)
Ed.D. Educational Leadership
Endorsement: Director of Instructional Support

Kinesiology and Physical Education

* B.S.Ed. Health & Physical Education
M.Ed. Health & Physical Education
(Certification Option) (Non-Certification Option)
B.S. Sports Medicine
B.S.H.F. Health Fitness

Middle Grades and Secondary Education

* B.S.Ed. Middle Grades Education
M.Ed. Middle Grades Education
Ed.S. Middle Grades Education
* B.S.Ed. Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space, Physics
* B.S.Ed. History, Political Science
* B.S.Ed. English
* B.S.Ed. Mathematics
M.Ed. Secondary Education (English, Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies)
Ed.S. Secondary Education (English, Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies)

Modern and Classical Language

* B.S.Ed. Spanish Education
M.Ed. Spanish Education
B.S.Ed. French Education
Endorsement: English as a Second Language

Music Department

* B.M. Music Education
M.M.E. Music Education

Special Education and Communication Disorders

B.S. Communication Disorders
B.S.Ed. Severe Disabilities
* M.Ed Communication Disorders
* M.Ed Severe Disabilities
* M.Ed Mild Disabilities
M.Ed Special Education Early Intervention
Ed.S. Special Education

Psychology and Counseling

* M.Ed. School Counseling
Ed.S. School Counseling
* Ed.S. School Psychology
B.A. Psychology
B.S. Psychology
M.S. Clinical/Counseling Psychology
M.S. Psychology Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Endorsement: Director of Pupil Personnel Services