In order to obtain a teaching certification in Georgia, teacher candidates are required to pass edTPA, a content pedagogy performance assessment. "Developed by and for educators, edTPA is a subject-specific assessment that includes versions for 27 different teaching fields. Like other professional licensing examinations in fields such as medicine and nursing, edTPA seeks to ensure that candidates who pass have met the standards of knowledge and skill required of effective practitioners. It also encourages preparation programs to emphasize and support these elements in their training...In Georgia, the Professional Standards Commission, after careful consideration and input from edTPA advisory and standard setting committees, decided to adopt a passing standard of 38..." (AACTE EdPrep Matters News Blog, July 27, 2015,

At Valdosta State University, teacher candidates begin preparing for successful passing of edTPA in their first professional semester of their program, and it culminates in their final professional semester during their clinical practice experience and successful submission of their edTPA portfolio. Teacher candidate preparation is then continued and enhanced in the classroom as an in-service teacher. Additional information about a successful attempt, the appropriate edTPA handbook, and other information can be obtained from the teacher candidate's advisor and during clinical practice orientation.

For more information about Georgia's edTPA requirements, visit For more information about VSU's edTPA requirements, please contact your advisor, program coordinator, or department head.