Application for Admission

  • Applications for the Curriculum & Instruction are due each year by March 15th for fall semester admission.
  • Applications for the Leadership Doctoral Programs are due each year by March 15th for fall semester admission.
  • Contact the ACED Department for application deadlines for the ACED Doctoral Program.
  • Please review the admissions requirements and complete all necessary tests and paperwork prior to the application deadline.
  • Call: 229-333-5694 or 1-800-618-1878, option 5

Dissertation Submission to Graduate School

  • The Program Checklist should be followed to correctly complete the dissertation process and required paperwork.
  • A copy of your approved dissertation is due to the Graduate School two weeks before graduation.
  • As stated in the Graduate Catalog, "the approved defended thesis [dissertation] must be submitted to the Graduate School not less than 14 days before the scheduled date of graduation." (p.18).Early submissions are encouraged and welcomed!Students should submit final drafts and all signed signature pages to the Graduate School.
  • Feel free to contact Ernest Smith at the Graduate School, (229) 333-5694 or, for more information. Also, visit the "helpful hints" web site.

Graduation Applications

  • Graduation applications are due to the Registrar's Office one semester in advance of expected graduation date. Notify the Registrar's Office if your expected graduation date changes.