Clinical Competence Checklists

All mentor supervisors complete these assessments through Typhon Group: Healthcare Solutions. Questions on this matter may be directed to the department's administrative assistant.

Student Complaint Procedures

Criticisms, comments, and suggestions regarding clinic operations should be discussed privately with the student’s academic advisor, the clinic supervisor, or the Director of On-Campus Practicum. There is a clinic suggestion box in the student workroom for general issues.

The COEHS has an official student complaint procedure for issues regarding the student's academic program, faculty, or other program issues. If a student has a concern, they are asked to use their professional skills to discuss the concern with the involved party (faculty, staff, other students, etc). If they feel that the issue has not been effectively resolved, they are asked to follow the chain of command, going to the Clinical Director (for on-campus clinical issues) or to the Program Director (For academic or off-campus clinical issues). If they continue to feel that the issue has not been addressed to their satisfaction they may make an appointment with the Department Chair. The COE has an appeals committee for academic issues and the student may bring their issue to this committee once they have followed the chain of command.

Graduate Seminar Dates

Graduate seminars are a required part of clinical practicum. Attendance is mandatory. Any unexcused seminar absence will result in the lowering of a student's practicum grade by one letter grade. Seminar topics will be announced in an email to graduate students. Additional seminars, in-services, or review sessions may be presented at the discretion of faculty members. Please plan accordingly.

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