The Valdosta State University Center for Economic Education (VSU-CEE) was established in 1972, and has been active under various center directors:

Center Directors James E. McKinney 1972-1974
Albert Zlabinger 1974-1977
Bill French 1978-1999
Charles J. Walsh 1999-2005
Jeffrey Byford 2005-2006
Center Co-Director Marcella Prater 2007-2016
Center Co-Director Vesta Whisler 2007-2016
Center Co-Director Robert Spires 2016-Present
Center Co-Director Sean Lennon 2016-Present

The VSU-CEE received 3-year renewal in 1993-94 and 5-year renewal in 1996-97, and in 2002. Although the VSU-CEE was up for reviews in 2005, the review was deferred until 2007. The National Council on Economic Education (NCEE) recently announced that it is suspending the Review Process for 2007 while it engages in long-term planning.