The primary mission of the LCOBA Business Student Advisory Council (BSAC) is to act as a liaison between LCOBA students and faculty in order to provide a more satisfying educational experience for all segments of the LCOBA population. We urge student participation in achieving this goal through submission of suggestions, comments, and concerns to the BSAC. This can be done through emails, discussion boards, or simply speaking to any member of the council. Issues brought to the attention of the Council are reviewed and discussed, and plans for implementation of changes are suggested. All legitimate submissions will be processed in this manner, so we urge students to actively campaign for changes that they think will make the LCOBA experience more fulfilling. The BSAC gives students a chance to make their voices heard and take an active role in their own education.

The LCOBA Business Student Advisory Council's purpose is to help enhance student satisfaction through meeting the needs of students. For example, the presentation room in the Pound Hall study lounge was a past BSAC project. We hope to add many more exciting features to LCOBA, but we will not be able to accurately gauge the needs and desires of the student population without active student participation and communication. We also welcome criticisms of current academic programs, availability of extracurricular activities, etc., or suggestions regarding possible activities to be held here on the Rea and Lillian Steele North Campus. We believe that business should be fun, and we are willing to work with the student body to make it so.

The BSAC is comprised of LCOBA students, and all majors will be represented equally. Please see our Members page for a list of your department's representatives. Members are nominated by faculty members from the different LCOBA departments and are invited to join the council by the Dean. Past members in good standing will be given the option to continue council membership as long as they are enrolled at LCOBA. Membership on the council is an opportunity for students to leave a legacy of dedication, motivation, and lasting change.

Advisory Council