Transient Permissions

Be sure that the course(s) you wish to take will substitute for the VSU course(s).  We suggest that you have a course description of the course(s) you wish to substitute when you meet with your advisor, department head, and the Admissions Office.

After you get a course description, do the following:

  1. Pick up a Transient Permission Form from the Registrar or the Student Advising Center.
  2. Complete sections I.a - I.d (except the shaded area marked "Office Use Only").
  3. Contact your advisor and discuss your plans to enroll as a transient at another institution.
  4. Check with the Registrar or the SAC to be sure you will not exceed the maximum number of transfer hours which can be applied to your degree.
  5. Obtain the advisor's approval signature.
  6. Obtain the Department Head's approval signature.
  7. If you are on academic suspension, you must obtain the approval of the Dean.
  8. Take the form to the Admissions Office for evaluation of the proposed transient courses.
  9. Return the form to the Registrar.
After completing the transient courses, you must request that an official transcript be sent from the transient institution to VSU's Office of Admissions. Credit will not be posted to your record until the transcript has been received.

Remember, paying VSU fees will not cover fees at the transient institution.