Who is my advisor?
The Student Engagement Center (SEC) keeps a list of all business majors and their faculty advisors. All you need to do is call (229) 249-2624 or come by the SEC and we'll be glad to tell you who your advisor is.

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How do I schedule appointments with my advisor? 
Freshman, sophomore, and junior students who have not been formally admitted into the Harley Langdale Jr. College of Business are advised by the Student Engagement Center staff. Go to the Student Engagement Center on the third floor of Thaxton Hall anytime after the fourth week of the semester. An appointment is not necessary.

Junior and senior students who have been formally admitted to the Harley Langdale Jr. College of Business College should schedule appointments with their faculty advisor. If you do not know who your faculty advisor is, the Student Engagement Center can tell you his/her name and office location. Go to the faculty advisor's office the week before the official Week of Advising (about mid-term) and sign the sheet on the office for an appointment time. Just before your appointment, go to the Student Advising Center and get your advising folder.

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How can I change my advisor?
Simply come to the Student Engagement Center and tell us whom you would like for an advisor and the change will be made.

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How do I change majors?

Within the Langdale College:
1.  Stop by the SEC and tell the director or assistant director that you would like to change majors.  (Ex. Accounting to Finance) 
2.  The director/assistant director will make the change for you.

Outside the Langdale College:
1.  Pick up a change of major form and your student file from the SEC. 
2.  Get the director or assistant director's signature, authorizing the change of major. 
3.  Take the student file and change of major form to your new department.

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Where can I find a University Catalog or Bulletin?

The Admissions Office and/or it may be accessed online.

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How do I apply for graduation?

1.  Pick up an application for graduation from the SEC or the University Registrar. 
2.  Pick up your student file from the SEC. 
3.  Meet with your advisor to discuss the remaining course requirements needed to graduate. 
4.  Complete the application-for-degree form and have your advisor sign it.
5.  Have someone in the SEC make a copy of your check sheets and attach copies to your application for graduation. 
6.  Pay graduation fees at the University Bursary. 
7.  Take the receipt of payment and graduation application to the Registrar's Office.

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I want to take a class at another college or university.  What should I do?

Be sure that the course(s) you wish to take will substitute for the VSU course(s).  We suggest that you have a course description of the course(s) you wish to substitute when you meet with your advisor, department head, and the Admissions Office. 
After you get a course description, do the following:

      • 1.  Pick up the Transient Permission Form from the Registrar or Student Engagement
    • Center. 

    • 2.  Complete sections I.a - I.d (except the shaded area marked "Office Use Only"). 

    • 3.  Contact your advisor and discuss your plans to enroll as a transient at another institution. 

    • 4.  Check with the Registrar or the SEC to be sure you will not exceed the maximum number of transfer hours that can be applied to your degree.

    • 5.  Obtain your advisor's signature. 

    • 6.  Obtain your Department Head's signature. 

    • 7.  If you are on academic suspension, you must obtain the approval of the Dean. 

    • 8.  Take the form to the Admissions Office for evaluation of the proposed transient courses. 

    9.  Return the form to the Registrar.

You must request an official transcript from the transient institution to be sent to the Office of Admissions.  Credit will not be posted to your record until the transcript has been received. Remember, paying VSU fees will not cover fees at the transient institution.

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