Technology Resources for Students

Our university offers many resources for our students. The following is a description of some of our technologyresources.


The University, Academic, Arts, Athletics, Campus Life, and Career Services calendars are available here. Click Month to view all activities on a monthly basis.

Events web:

VSU HallNet

When on campus, two of your devices can be logged into VSU HallNet for Wi-Fi access. VSU HallNet has over 130 Access Points in over 20 buildings on campus.

HallNet web:
Phone: 229-245-4357

eLearning Student Resources

The Center for eLearning provides support and assistance to our students using such tools and products that include BlazeView, Wimba, GoView, eCore, eMajor, Atomic Learning, and Clickers. The site also provides a list of frequently used student applications.

eLearning Student Resources web:
Phone: 229-245-6490

IT Helpdesk

VSU Helpdesk provides phone support to the campus community for questions on a variety of computer topics. Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to utilize this resource throughout the year this free resource brought to you by the Department of Information Technology.


Monday-Thursday: 8am – 9pm
Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday: 11am – 5pm
Sunday: 1pm – 9pm

IT Helpdesk web:
Phone: 229-245-4357

Anywhere Library Access

Use Odum Library’s databases online and work from home or your office. You will need your BlazeView username and password to access the databases. Click the GALILEO button, and you will be directed to the online Galileo resources.

Anywhere Access web:
Phone: 229-333-5869

Media Services

The Media Center provides tools and equipment for working with digital media and for producing multimedia products and presentations. A wide assortment of software tools for producing, editing, presenting, and distributing digital media materials. The Media Center provides the VSU community with a wide variety of traditional av and digital equipment for check out purposes.

Media Services web:
Phone: 229-333-5863

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