MAcc Learning Objectives

The Master of Accountancy is a specialized graduate degree that prepares its graduates for careers in public accounting. It also integrates accounting knowledge within the broader context of the other functional areas of business. Finally, the MAcc program develops its students’ critical thinking and problem-solving, oral and written communications, and technology skills.

Educational Outcomes for the MAcc degree:

Upon completing of this degree, students should be able to:

  1. demonstrate an understanding of the theory and application financial accounting (MAcc #1, Langdale College #5),

  2. demonstrate the ability to use critical thinking and problem solving skills (MAcc #2, Langdale College #1),

  3. effectively communicate accounting information orally and in writing (MAcc #3, Langdale College #2),

  4. apply computer technologies as they relate the accounting profession  (MAcc #4, Langdale College #7).

These outcomes will be assessed by using:

  1. pre-tests and post-tests in fundamental areas of accounting,

  2. case studies to evaluate critical thinking and problems solving skills,

  3. oral presentations in class and requiring written reports,

  4. application based testing of: spreadsheets, accounting databases research skills, and other accounting software.