BBA Accounting

Dear Accounting Major:

This map is a term-by-term sample course schedule. The milestones listed below each term are designed to keep you on course to graduate in four years. The sample schedule is provided as a general guideline to help you build a full schedule each term.  The elective courses must be selected with your advisor to satisfy all core curriculum and state, lab science, and multicultural requirements.

Accounting majors work with the newest information systems technology, receive a broad educational foundation, and intensive education in the business and accounting disciplines.  Students develop communication, problem-solving, interpersonal skills, and master the knowledge and skills employers demand.  Our internship program exposes accounting majors to real-world business skills and enhances their chances for success. Minors in Advertising and Promotions, Business Analytics, Business Law, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Administration, Human Resources, Operations Management, Professional Sales, and Supply Chain Management allow majors to gain in-depth knowledge of these areas. Accounting professionals can be found in public accounting firms, banks/financial institutions, corporations, public utilities, health care organizations, the media, law firms, government, manufacturing companies, and non-profit institutions.

With appropriate planning, both the BBA in Accounting and the Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degrees can be completed in five years.  An undergraduate student may take up to 9 semester credit hours of graduate classes without being admitted to the Graduate School.  Students must be within 30 credit hours of graduation and have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher.  Students accepted in the MAcc program are eligible to apply for MAcc scholarships awarded each March.  MAcc graduates are well-prepared for their careers and sit for professional accounting examinations (e.g., the CPA, CMA, etc.).

Students who complete the accounting major graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.  All BBA programs are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).  Less than 5% of business schools worldwide have AACSB accreditation.  All accounting majors complete the BBA senior college core (18 hours); a common eighteen-hour sequence of major courses; six hours of required accounting electives; nine hours of accounting and business electives; and nine hours of general (non-business) electives. These courses, plus the prerequisite Area F hours in business, economics, and accounting, provide each student with a solid background in business and accounting.

Please see the current course curriculum here.


Any Sample Schedule

*In order to graduate in four more semesters, these classes must be taken at the beginning of the junior year.

 ** ACCT3201 is a pre-requisite for ACCT 4500.  Take ACCT 3202 immediately after ACCT 3201.  ACCT 3202 is a prerequisite for ACCT 4800.  ACCT 4410 is a co- or pre-requisite for ACCT 4800.

 ***ACCT 3203 Intermediate III is a BBA “elective,” but is required for the MAcc program.  Students that plan to pursue the MAcc should complete ACCT 3203 as an accounting elective during their BBA program.

 #Students who wish to pursue the MAcc could take two MAcc courses during the final term of the BBA, provided the GPA requirements are met, and with department head approval. 

 Accounting Electives:

  • ACCT 3100 Fraud, will be offered each fall and summer. 
  • ACCT 3203 Intermediate III, will be offered each semester, including summer.
  • ACCT 3700 Internal Auditing will be offered each spring and summer
  • ACCT 3202 Intermediate II, 3400 Internal Reporting I, and 4500 Individual Income Tax will be offered each semester and in the summer.
  • ACCT 4980 – Internship can be used as an accounting elective or business elective.

 To become a CPA in GA or FL, a student must have 10 upper-division accounting classes.  You must take at least two accounting classes each semester, or plan to take accounting classes during the summer.

Year 1

Fall Hrs.
ENGL 1101 - Composition I (Area A) 3
MATH 1101 - Intro to Mathematical Modeling (Area A) 3
HIST 2111 or 2112 US History (Area E) 3
ECON 1500 - Survey of Economics (Area E) 3
PERS 2799 - Personal Finance (Area B) 2
Total hours 14
Spring Hrs.
ENGL 1102 - Composition II (Area A) 3
BUSA 1105 - Introduction to Business (Area F) 3
POLS 1101 - American Government (Area E) 3
BIOL 1110 & 1020L - Intro to Biology (Area D) 4
BUSA 2201 Fundamentals of Computer Applications (Area F) 3
Total hours 16

Milestones: Complete Georgia History requirement; Complete Georgia Government requirement; Declare major; Overall 2.7 GPA or higher; Accumulate 30 or more collegiate credits

Year 2

Fall Hrs.
ACCT 2101 - Principles of Accounting I (Area F) 3
ENGL 2111 or 2112 or 2113 - Literature (Area C) 3
PERS 2160 - Perspectives in Leadership (Area B) 2
ECON 2105 - Principles of Macro Economics (Area E) 3
GEOG 1112K Introduction to Weather (Area D) 4
Total hours 15
Spring Hrs.
ACCT 2102 - Principles of Accounting II (Area F) 3
PHIL 2010 - Principles of Logic (Area C) 3
BUSA 2106 - Environment of Business (Area F) 3
BUSA 2100 - Applied Business Statistics (BBA Core) 3
ECON 2106 - Principles of Micro Economics (Area F) 3
Total hours 15

Milestones: Overall 2.8 GPA or higher; Accumulate 60 or more collegiate credits

Year 3

Fall Hrs.
GEOG 1110 - Our Hazardous Environment (Area D) 3
BUSA 3100 - Business Analytics (BBA Core) 3
Business/General Elective (BBA Core) 3
*ACCT 3201 - Intermediate I (Major Requirement) 3
*ACCT 3400 - Internal Reporting I (Major Requirement) 3
BUSA 2999 - Career Development 0
Total hours 15
Spring Hrs.
FIN 3350 - Financial Management (BBA Core) 3
MGNT 3250 - Management & Organizational Behavior (BBA Core) 3
ACCT Elective (Major Requirement) 3
**ACCT 3202 - Intermediate II (Major Requirement) 3
BUSA 3110 - Business Law (Major Requirement) 3
Total hours 15

Milestones: Overall 3.0 GPA or higher; Accumulate 90 or more collegiate credits; Consider accounting internship in the summer before the senior year

Year 4

Fall Hrs.
Business/General Elective (BBA Core) 3
MKTG 3050 - Intro to Marketing (BBA Core) 3
ACCT **4500 - Individual Income Tax (Major Requirement) 3
**ACCT 4410 - Acct. Information Systems (Major Requirement) 3
BUSA 3999 - Study Abroad or Internship (BBA Core) 0
International Course (BBA Core) 3
Total hours 15
Spring Hrs.
BUSA 4900 - Business Policy (BBA Core) 3
ACCT Elective (Major Requirement) 3
Business/General Elective (BBA Core) 3
ACCT 4800 - Auditing (Major Requirement) 3
Business/General Elective (BBA Core) 3
Total hours 15

Milestones: Apply for graduation one semester before anticipated date; Overall 3.0 GPA or higher; Accumulate 120 collegiate credits