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This page is intended to provide relevant information for current students. 


The Department of Communication Arts recognizes the importance of advising in helping students to make appropriate progress toward graduation.  Self-advising, withdrawing, dropping or failing a course can delay your graduation.

To graduate in a timely manner, you need to meet with your advisor on a regular basis and review any changes in your schedule.  You should also keep your own records and come prepared for advising sessions as you are ultimately responsible for your academic progress.   

To ensure the accuracy of your advising and outline what remains in your degree program, you should file for graduation during the second semester of your Junior year.

As a Communication major, you will be asked to create an Advising Plan as a course assignment in COMM 1500, Introduction to Communication Studies.  The Academic Plan will help you:

  • identify your academic strengths and weaknesses,
  • identify the type of career path that best interests you,
  • prepare a four-year plan for your degree program,
  • help you to understand DegreeWorks,
  • develop a study abroad plan (optional), and
  • create an introductory biography for your advisor. 

The following documents are intended to assist you in preparing for advising meetings and in tracking your progress.