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VSU Hosts Healthcare Symposium on Socio-Cultural Issues Sept. 14

Keynote Address

Keynote Reflections

"Dr. Mortoti shed some light on some important issues that he faces everyday as a healthcare provider. It was interesting to hear of his prospective of how being a doctor in a rural town compared to being a doctor in a larger city." - Olivia

"The Symposium was a great learning experience and Dr. Mortoti was an excellent speaker, relating many of his real world experiences to exactly what we've been learning in our Health Communication class. I plan on using my education of the Stroke and Diabetes Belt as a future incentive to help people that share my southern culture. That was a great eye opener to see that I could help friends and family better their future and keep them healthy. As a future practitioner, I also plan to use Dr. Mortoti's experiences and ideas to have a better patient-caregiver relationship and help others to better these relationships." - Alec, COMM 3231

"All in all, in this workshop I learned a lot of new things about healthcare in the south. But I took away religion and its intersection with health care delivery. I never even knew that was a thing until I heard Mortoti speak on it. Another major thing I took away was that foreign doctors play a substantial role in the number of physicians in the US. But now that I think of it majority of the doctors I have seen treatment from have been foreign. I took a lot away from this symposium and it was a pleasure to listen to Samuel Mortoti." - Alexa