How do I join SMACS?

To join SMACS, contact Dr. Linda De La Garza ( and provide your name and email address. She will contact you with more information. Meanwhile, attend the events or SMACS meetings posted at the VSU student organizations page.

What is SMACS?

SMACS is the Student Members of the American Chemical Society (ACS), VSU's ACS student affiliate group.

“If you become a member of SMACS, then you will be apart of the world's largest scientific society ACS, an organization that's more than 158,000 members strong. The ACS provides a multitude of information, educational, financial, technical and professional opportunities for its members. The Society's 33 technical divisions cover the entire spectrum of the chemical world and the 189 Local Sections allows you to participate in local events and meetings throughout the year.” (

Who can participate in SMACS?

Undergraduate students majoring in or interested in chemistry, as well as any other sciences all qualify for membership.

Why should you join the SMACS?

* You will automatically receive your weekly subscription to Chemical & Engineering News
* You receive free membership in your ACS local section
* Gain access to chemistry's leading magazines and journals on the ACS website
* Benefit from exceptional resources that will help you work smarter, advance your career, and enhance your professional standing

How much does SMACS cost to become a member?

There are two packages. The C&EN Package which includes 51 issues (1 year) of the Chemical & Engineering Magazine which cost $60.00 or for $29.00 you can just pay for your dues.