Contact Information

E-mail: Emily G. Cantonwine , Ph.D.
Office: BSC 2087
Phone: (229) 333-5337


Ph.D., Plant Pathology, University of Georgia, Tifton, GA, 2005.

M.S., Biology, Florida International University, Miami, FL, 1999.

B.S., Botany, Miami University, Oxford, OH, 1994.

Teacher Certification, Broad-Field Science (grades 7-12), University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 2001.

Emily Cantonwine

Courses Taught

  • BIOL 1107 (Introduction to Biology)
  • BIOL 3500/5500 (Mycology)
  • BIOL 3530/5530 (Biodiversity of Macrofungi)
  • BIOL 3630 (Biology of Horticulture)
  • BIOL 3680/5680 (Plant Pathology)
  • BIOL 4000/6000 (Special Topics: Organic Agriculture)

Experiential Learning and Outreach Activities

Service Learning in Biology of Horticulture, 2013, 2015, 2016

VSU Campus Plants Website, 2013-2014

Whitehead Camellia Trail Video Tour, 2016

Historical Campus Plants Video Tour, 2016

Mycology in Ireland, 2013, 2015, 2017

VSU BioBlitz at Grassy Pond, 2018 and 2019                                                      

Mycoflora@VSU, 2018 and 2020

Research Interests 

Brown SpotsIdentifying components of resistance of peanut plants (Arachis hypogaea) to infections by fungal pathogens.

Evaluating the efficacy of fungicides to manage fungal diseases in organic and conventional production systems. 

Environmental effects on germination and penetration of Cercospora arachidiola and Cercosporidium personatum.  

Other interests include diversity of lichens and macrofungi, and public participation in science.


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