AFAM 2020 Race, Class and Gender
 Also offered as WGST 2020. This 2000 level course is a core course, not an elective for the AFAM minor. An exploration of social class, gender and racial/ethnic relations as distinct, but linked dimensions of social inequality. Includes an examination of the historic underpinnings of discrimination by race, class, gender and the present status of these issues
AFAM 3000 Introduction to Africana Studies
Required Course. An introduction to key concepts, thematic concerns, and the theoretical and philosophical bases for Africana Studies. 

AFAM 3030. African to African American Philosophy and Religious Studies     
Also offered as PHIL 3030REL 3030, and NAIS 3030. An examination of philosophies and religious traditions which begin in Africa and move through the Caribbean into the Americas. The course emphasizes ontological and epistemological themes that begin in Africa and cross the Atlantic as well as Indigenous African influences in the philosophies and relgions of the Caribbean and the Americas


AFAM 3070 Health Care Issues of Vulnerable Populations in the U.S.
Also offered as NURS 3070. Prerequisite: SOCI 1101 or SOCI 1160 or permission of the instructor. Course is open to all majors. An examination of the historical, cultural, social, and political issues that render certain populations in the U.S. vulnerable to ill health. The course utilizes appropriate theories to study these issues, with emphasis on ameliorating the health of vulnerable populations. It will examine issues related to health care access and policies and program developed to reduce risks of disease and injury. It is also designed to raise an awareness of the disparities in health among certain groups, including the poor, ethnic minorities, high-risk women and children, the homeless, and uninsured and underinsured, among others.


AFAM 3090 Inequalities Past and Present
Also offered as ANTH 3090. Prerequisite: ANTH 1101 or permission of the instructor. The study and problems of social stratification in Africa from pre-colonial to modern times. Special attention will be paid to both international institutions (e.g., kinship, class, and ethnicity) and international political economy.


AFAM 3220 Studies in African American Literature
Also offered as ENGL 3220. Prerequisite: ENGL 2110, 2120, 2130, or 2140.This course explores the literary legacy of African Americans through the genres of poetry, fiction, and drama. Students will examine the complex relationship between literature, history, and culture.
AFAM 3225 Introduction to African American Literary Criticism
Also offered as ENGL 3225. Prerequisites: ENGL 2110 or 2110H, ENGL 2120 or 2120H, ENGL 2130 or 2130H, ENGL 2060, or permission of the instructor. A study of major voices in African American literary theory. This course emphasizes the development of interpretive frameworks for examining the literature from an African American cultural perspective.
AFAM 3230 Special Topics in African American Literature
Also offered as ENGL 3230. Prerequisites: ENGL 2110 or 2110H, ENGL 2120 or 2120H, ENGL 2130 or 2130H, ENGL 2060, or permission of the instructor. Studies in African American literature, focusing on selected topics.


AFAM 3280 African American Politics
Prerequisite: AFAM 3000. Also offered as POLS 3280. A study of African Americans within the American Political environmental. Specific foci include representation, voting rights, attitudes toward policies seen as impacting African-Americans, and the role of race in elections.


AFAM 3320 Studies in African Literature
Also offered as ENGL 3320. Prerequisite: ENGL 2110, 2120, 2130, or 2140. A study of selected topics in African literature. May be repeated, but only 3 hours may be counted toward distribution requirements for the AFAM minor.
AFAM 3600 Special Topics in Africana Studies
An in-depth study of selected special topics in Africana Studies.
AFAM 4231 African American History to 1865
Also offered as HIST 4231. This course examines the history of African Americans from their origins in Africa tothe end of slavery in the U.S. with an emphasis on economic life and social thought.In addition, the course explores the dynamics of slavery, resistance to the institution,the plight of free Blacks in the nation, and the development of a distinct AfricanAmerican culture from the colonial era through the end of the U. S. Civil War.
AFAM 4232 African American History Since 1865
Also offered as HIST 4232. The history of the African American struggle for equality after emancipation, with special focus on the problems of black leadership from Frederick Douglass to the black Panthers.
AFAM 4233 African American Cultural History
Also offered as HIST 4233. An examination of the evolution of African American cultural expression from slavery to the present, emphasizing in particular literature, theater, visual art, film, and music.

AFAM 4234 African American Intellectual History

Also offered as HIST 4234. An examination of intellectual history of African Americans from the 17th century to the present. Topics may include the role of black intellectuals in American society, changing conceptions of race, and the global context of African American thought.

AFAM 4235 Nazi Germany and the Jim Crow South

Also offered as HIST 4235. A comparative analysis of racial theory and practices in both the Jim Crow South and Nazi Germany in the first half of the 1900's.


AFAM 4330 African Politics:

Also offered as AFAM 4330. A study of the domestic and international politics of Africa from the pre-colonial period to the present day.


AFAM 4511 Precolonial Africa

Also offered as HIST 4511. An analysis of the 8000-year-old cultures of the Nile Valley, including Egypt, Nubia, and Kush; West Africa and its contacts with the Middle East and Europe; the East African city-states and their contacts with India.


AFAM 4512 Modern Africa

Also offered as HIST 4512. Explores the European colonization of Africa and the African response. The course also examines the emergence of African nationalism and the problems of creating new states.


AFAM 4550 The Caribbean World
An exploration of contemporary cultures in the Caribbean. Examinations of historical,political, and social influences are included. Matters of identity and heritage will also be considered.


AFAM 4551 Women in the African Diaspora

Prerequisite: AFAM 3000. A survey of the experiences of women of African descent throughout the world. Various themes such as resistance, colonialism, and globalization will be explored.


AFAM 4552 Contemporary Black Man

Prerequisite: AFAM 3000. An exploration of what it means to be a Black man in the 21st century. Historical, political, and cultural perspectives will be considered.


AFAM 4700 Africana Studies Seminar
Required Course. Prerequisite: AFAM 3000 and at least two AFAM 3000 level course electives. An interdisciplinary seminar on selected topics, providing a capstone experience.