Vietnam Era Montgomery GI Bill® (MGIB)

Eligibility Requirements for those with basic Chapter 34 Eligibility and Who Serve on Active Duty on or After July, 1985 and Entered the Military Prior to Jan 1, 1977 (or Entered Delayed Enlistment Prior to Jan 1, 1997.)   Persons who are eligible to receive Chapter 34 benefits on December 31, 1989 and who have remaining Chapter 34 entitlement on that date may be eligible for Chapter 30 beginning January 1, 1990.  In order to be eligible, specific criteria must be met.   These include:

  1. The individual must have had active duty service sometime during the period beginning on October 19, 1984, and ending on July 1, 1985, and continued on active duty without a break.

  2. The individual must have served continuously on active duty from July 1, 1985 for three years.  In lieu of this three-year requirement, the individual may qualify if he or she served two years of continuous active duty which was followed by four years in the Selected Reserve.

  3. If the individual completes the required period of active duty, he or she must be discharged with an "Honorable" discharge.

Anyone Who Served Before Jan 1, 1977 and Believes They May be Eligible for Chapter 34 Benefits

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