Student Job Assignment Questionnaire

SPRING SEMESTER 2013 (January 7 – May 4)

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  • Summer I(May 10- May 31)
    Summer II (June 6 - July 24)
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    Summer IV (July 3 - July 24)
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    General Office

    1. The hourly rate of pay is equal to the current Federal Minimum Wage. Federal Work-Study Students are paid every other week and earnings are taxable income. 

    2. Federal Work-Study Awards cannot be used to defer tuition and fees. 

    3. As with any other type of financial aid, satisfactory academic progress must be maintained. 

    4. Federal Work-Study job assignments to a particular department, job or area cannot be guaranteed

    5. Your Work-Study position is a job and is to be treated as such. Studying should be done on your own time. 

    6. Once you have accepted your Work-Study position, you are encouraged to remain in that position for the entire Academic Year. 

    7. You are expected to be prompt when reporting to work. If there is a need to be absent, prior approval should be made with your supervisor. Your job should be performed satisfactorily or your supervisor has the right to terminate you. If you have two terminations you may be dropped from the Federal Work-Study Program permanently.

    8. Falsification of your timesheet will result in the permanent cancellation of your work-study award and further disciplinary action from the Student Conduct Office.

    9. It is your responsibility to keep up with your hours and time card. It is not the responsibility of Financial Aid to remind you of hours remaining. Your Referral and Authorization Form will itemize the amount of your award and the number of hours you can work for the semester.

  • I certify that the above information provided by me is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I have read the preceding and understand what is expected of me as a Federal Work-Study Program Student.
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