Health Center Bulding

The Student Health Center provides routine and acute health care for all students who have satisfied the health fee requirement.  The health fee makes the student eligible for services at the health center during that semester.

We recommend that if a students has insurance that they visit our insurance site to learn more about our acceptance of participating insurance plans to assist with additional changes.

Some medications for short-term illnesses are provided at no additional cost.  Care at the Student Health Center is provided by two physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacist, lab tech, nurses, x-ray technician and office staff.

Referrals to private medical personnel are at the student's expense.

All patient records are confidential and in compliance with HIPAA regulations.  Records may be released with a written request from the patient (HIPAA Authorization to Disclose Health Information form).  Please visit Student Health Center or call Medical Records at 229-219-3203.

Appointments for the providers are required.  Phone 229-219-3200 or go online to schedule or cancel an appointment.

The Student Health Center's operating hours are Monday - Thursday 8:00AM - 5:00PM and Friday 8:00AM-2:30PM.  Hours are subject to change based on the demand of the student population.

The student is responsible for seeking urgent, emergency and after-hour medical care at the local hospitals, South Georgia Medical Center or Smith Northview.  If a student has a general question they may contact us at 229-333-5886.