Chancellor Steve Wrigley of the University System of Georgia announced a Comprehensive Administrative Review (CAR) of the system office and all 26 USG institutions.

The goal of the CAR is to address the challenge of how to provide quality education in the most cost‑effective manner.

The objectives of the CAR are to:

  • identify ways that administrative functions can be conducted more efficiently and effectively;
  • enhance support for delivering on the global, statewide, and local missions of USG institutions;
  • achieve opportunities for savings to provide greater affordability and access for students; and
  • strengthen the core academic enterprise and improve student support services.

The CAR is expected to assist the USG and the respective 26 institutions by:

  • developing model organizational structures and processes that will enhance our ability to deliver on our teaching, research, and service mission;
  • developing and implementing 21st century operational models;
  • gaining staff input to enhance administrative effectiveness and efficiency at all levels; and
  • identifying administrative cost savings that can be redirected to core functions of teaching, research, and service.

President Richard Carvajal charged a working group to provide an in-depth look at administrative functions at Valdosta State University. Members of the committee are listed below.

CAR Action Plan Committee:
Dr. Michael Black (Chair) | Mr. Stanley Jones | Ms. Antolina Pilgrim | Ms. Hilary Gibbs
Dr. Eric Howington | Mr. Sterlin Sanders | Dr. Tricia Hale | Ms. Amea Thompson

The ultimate goals of the committee were to make recommendations for:

  1. Redirection of realized savings to direct instruction and/or student support services;
  2. Organizational and/or process improvement resulting in realized savings or sustained operational growth; and
  3. Realized savings resulting in direct cost reduction to students (tuition or fee reduction).


Via savings from eliminating vacant positions, utility savings, VSU redirected $2,014,171 of saved resources which proved beneficial for the institution as listed, but not limited to:

  • Launch of new parent information and records portal
  • Restructure Advising campus-wide
  • Restructure of areas to reflect appropriate supervision models

Report Summary:

The report reflects input from Valdosta State University employees who were selected to participate because they have significant administrative responsibilities. Results are indicative of what is working well and where we have opportunities for improvement and, thus, presents a deeper examination of our policies, procedures, and practices in some key focus areas. The three core areas that the report emphasized were: spans of control and organizational layers; alignment and distribution of administrative functions; and best in class and room for improvement. Details are included in the CAR report. Additionally, Identification and redirection of resources may be viewed below:

Identification of Savings    Redirection of Resources