Cisco VoIP Phones come with a number of features. Some features apply to all phone models, while some only apply to specific models. Refer to the information below to see which features are available on your phone model.


The following features are available for all VoIP Phone Models:

  • Transferring and Forwarding of Phone Calls - Forward or transfer calls to other lines.
  • iDivert (Immediate Divert) - Send calls directly to a voicemail rather than sending it as a call.
  • DND (Do Not Disturb) - Set a time period where phone calls will automatically be diverted to voicemail.
  • Conference Calling -Simultaneously place calls to multiple people.
  • Call Parking - Put a phone call on hold and continue the conversation from any other VoIP telephone line.
  • Call Retrieval - Give other users permission to pick up on their telephone line.
  • Call History - Browse their recent calls and view when the calls were received.
  • Corporate Phone Directories - Look up any phone number within the organization based off name or department.
  • Voicemail - Setup a voicemail recording system for each individual line.
  • Speed Dialing - Set shortcuts for common outgoing calls.
  • Jabber - An integrated communications software that offers several different features including Instant Messaging to others in the VSU directory, and the ability to initiate a call to others in the VSU directory.  Other features include integration with Microsoft Outlook, as well as the ability to check your visual voicemail.
  • XMedius - An add-on program that allows electronic faxes to be scanned into a digital format and then sent via fax to another fax machine line, as well as receive faxes as an electronic document then send them via email to the desired designee(s).



The following features are available only for specific VoIP phone models:

  • Speakerphone - Available on 8945 (Video Phone), 7965/7945 (2 Line and 6 Line Phone), 7937 (Conference Phone)

  • Integrated Camera - Available on 8945 (Video Phone)

  • Bluetooth - Available on 8945 (Video Phone)

  • Sidecar Attachment - Available on 7965/7945 (2 Line and 6 Line Phone)

  • Attachable Extended Microphone - Available on 7937 (Conference Phone)