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  • IT Services Scheduled Maintenances & Notices



    Banner and all related services (Banner Web, Banner Admin, online payment systems, etc.) will be unavailable:
    Wednesday, July 31, 10pm – Midnight

  • All Students & Employees

    • 2FA: Log in to your VSU accounts using two-factor authentication
    • VSU WiFi: Connect to the campus wireless network or shuttle bus wireless network

  • Employees Only & Student Organizations



    • Organizational Print Accounts: Used primarily for official student organizations to share a pool of print credits. This form can also be used for grants.
    • Smart Classrooms: Tutorial on using instructor classroom workstation equipment

    • WordPress: A supplemental web-designing tool used to create websites and blogs

  • VSU Solutions Center

    Contact VSU Solutions Center

    • Phone: (229) 245 - HELP (4357)
    • VoIP: HELP (4357)
    • Email: (send from your email)

    Hours of Operation

    • Monday - Thursday: 8a - 9p
    • Friday: 8a - 5p
    • Saturday: 8a - 1p
    • Sunday: 8a - 2p

    Visit the Solutions Center Webpage for more information.

  • Announcements & Media


    • Banner Maintenance

    The Banner system will be unavailable during this maintenance window: Friday, August 9, starting at 10pm through Saturday, August 10, till 3am. Thank you for your cooperation!!

    • Banner Web Services Upgrade

    On May 30, we will release a new and improved version of the Banner Web Services application! Banner 9 is a complete overhaul of the current Banner 8 version. This major upgrade will provide enhanced navigation and process management tools along with a noticeable, modern-looking interface designed to improve the experience for Students, Faculty, and Staff.   

    • The MyVSU Portal (Beta)

    This past fall, we launched a completely new and updated version of the MyVSU Portal. Many of you provided valuable feedback on how could improve the look and function of the portal. As a result we ask that you test a beta version of the suggested changes and provide even more feedback.

    • Valdosta State implemented the Visual Schedule Builder (VSB)

    VSB helps you to create a schedule based on the courses and times that work best for you. This real-time class scheduling tool arranges your selected courses into conflict-free timetables and displays them in an easy-to-read weekly schedule.

    For more information and guidance, visit the Office of the Registrar's site 

    • The new Ellucian Banner 9 Admin Pages will be deployed on October 22, 2018.

      Replacing the current Banner 8 Forms (INB) version, Banner 9 Admin Pages will deliver noticeable improvements:

      • a modern user interface
      • enhanced navigation and process management tools
      • new functionality across the student, HR and finance utilities, and
      • the ability to run from a variety of web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) and mobile devices (tablets and phones)

    • The 2018 Division of Information Annual Report is now published. The report highlights several impactful projects completed during the 2017-2018 fiscal year, upcoming projects, and the staff within IT that help make the VState experience possible.
    • VSU WiFi Upgrade:  The Division of Information Technology is proud to announce that, while supporting over 3.2 million square feet of coverage, we have increased the bandwidth for the campus residential network by 150% (from 2 gigabits per second to 5). This increase will provide faster and more reliable connectivity for academic and residential needs while also adding support for high-definition (HD) media streaming and increased simultaneous connections.

    • VSU Solutions Center: Brian Haugabrook, Chief Information Officer
      Thinking outside of the 'IT box' brought about the inception of Valdosta State University Solutions Center.


    • Ryan Hogan, Director of Admissions
      Talks about how the Solutions Center has impacted perspective and current students.

    • The VSYou experience: Sterlin Sanders, Director of Technical Support Services
      From a student to a leader who encourages staff and student techs to EAT!

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  • IT Job Postings

    Job Postings:

    Check here for current IT employment opportunities!

    Students apply at Blazer Briefcase Portal (Create an account if you haven’t already.)

    Position: IT Solutions Center Student Assistant

    Type: On Campus, Part Time
    Pay: $8.34/hr
    Application Close Date: 08/16/19

    Description: The Solutions Center, VSU's own first-tier support center, acts as the initial point of contact for assistance related to Admissions, Housing, Residence Life, and Information Technology-based queries. Employees are expected to quickly and correctly address and resolve said issues via phone, email, or social media. To this end, it is of the utmost importantance that employees possess an enthusiastic, personable attitude in conjunction with:

    • a strong, reliable work ethic
    • a willingness to take ownership of customer needs
    • a self-sufficient, learning-oriented, and tech-friendly mindset
    • a knack for effective verbal and written communication
    • a passing familiarity with Valdosta State processes and technological services

    Position: Systems Services Intern

    Type: Internship
    Pay: $9.25-$10.25/hr
    Application Close Date: 08/16/19

    Description: Intern works as part of the Identity and Enterprise Services team to assist with systems engineering and design with a focus in identity integration, including management and security of account services. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • the design and maintenance of systems and services related to Active Directory and Office 365
    • executing and improving established procedures to include user provisioning, scripting, documentation, and manipulation of data 
    • provide support to campus faculty, staff, and students

    Position: Applications and Analytics Student Assistant

    Type: Part-Time
    Pay: $10.00/hr
    Application Close Date: 08/23/19

    Description: Enterprise Applications and Analytics Student Technicians are responsible for developing and maintaining custom programming projects, system integration, process workflows and data extractions. Responsibilities include:

    • use and support of third-party solutions such as workflow utilities
    • use of e-signature form designers and reporting solutions
    • analyze existing processes and implementations to identify areas for improvement

    Shifts range from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Thursday and 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM on Friday.

    Position: IT Technical Response Unit (Main Campus) - Maintenance and Remote Support Student Technician

    Type: Work Study/Student Assistant
    Pay: $7.25/hr
    Application Close Date: 08/23/19

    Description: The Technical Response Unit for the Division of Information Technology utilizes a combination of preventative maintenance and rapid response to prevent loss of productivity and instructional time, improve the student experience in instructional spaces (electronic classrooms, computer labs, etc.), and maintain customer satisfaction with IT technologies and services. Duties for Maintenance and Remote Support Student Technicians stationed in this area include, but are not limited to:

    • Conducting preventative maintenance in instructional spaces
    • Reporting departmental technical needs that arise while conducting preventative maintenance rounds
    • Offering timely response to chat requests from students in these spaces, and remotely controlling the computer to provide support, as needed
    • Substituting for lab assistants in critical instructional spaces in order to handle loss prevention and basic technical assistance
    • Seeking and pursuing opportunities for related personal skill growth

    Shifts will range from 8AM to 9PM Monday through Thursday and 8AM to 5PM on Friday.

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