A Supervisor should always take a proactive role when an employee advises he/she has been injured on the job. The supervisor is the most effective person in the initial handling of the claim, as he/she is normally the only person with whom the injured employee communicates.

Supervisors need to do the following:

  • Take time to handle the injury. Listen to the employee.

  • Investigate the accident and make notes of any pertinent information:

    a. How did it happen?
    b. Who saw it happen? (Obtain witnesses names.)
    c. How could it have been avoided? (Ensure the area is free of any hazards that could contribute to additional injuries.)

  • As part of the contract between the Department of Administrative Services and a Third Party Administrator, there is a minimum $150 charge by the TPA for every claim that is reported through the Telephonic Claims Reporting Center. Additionally there is a $15 per claim charge by the call center for any claim reported for a total administrative cost of $165 per claim.

    Accordingly, due to these charges, certain claims need to be reported differently.

  • Accidents or “near misses” that DO NOT RESULT in any lost work days or require medical attention, outside of first aid by the department, SHOULD NOT BE REPORTED TO DOAS THROUGH THE TELEPHONIC CLAIMS REPORTING CENTER. Instead, the supervisor should complete the “Incident Notice Only” that can be found on our Human Resources web site under Workers’ Compensation. As directed on the Incident Notice Only, the report should be sent to Human Resources for future reporting if the employee requires medical treatment later.

  • For incidents that require medical care call the AmeriSys Case Manager at 678-781-2848 or 800-900-1582 and this person will assist you with selecting a follow-up physician, scheduling a follow-up appointment and obtaining follow-up care.

  • If the employee needs emergency care, get them to the nearest emergency room immediately; then follow-up with AmeriSys Case Manager by calling 678-781-2848 or 800-900-1582. Supervisors or a designated employee should accompany employee's to the treatment facility. Once there the supervisor will only assist with insuring that the facility is aware that this is a workers compensation case. The supervisor does not play any other role at this point. Once the employee's status is known (are they returning to work or home?), then the supervisor or designee can return to work. For additional information regarding medical related cases click on the HIPPA Policy.

  • If the employee feels treatment is not needed, have him/her acknowledge in writing that treatment was offered but was declined. Keep the acknowledgement with a copy of the incident notice form. Report the injury to Human Resources and Employee Development (229-333-5709) as soon as possible but at least within 24 hours following the incident and send a copy of the form with the attached document.

  • Make sure the following forms are completed:

Medical attention needed: Complete the WC-1 form
Medical attention NOT needed: Incident Notice form

  • Forward all forms to VSU Human Resources and Employee Development.
  • If you suspect fraud – don’t publicize it; immediately notify the VSU Workers Compensation Administrator in writing and they will request an investigation by the Department of Administrative Services.

  • Demonstrate your concern by communicating frequently with your injured employee during the recovery process (calls, cards, visits).

  • If after the first seven days of lost time the employee elects to go on leave without pay status, notify the VSU Workers Compensation Administrator immediately so the workers’ compensation weekly benefits can begin. Have the employee complete the “Leave Election Form” notifying the agency whether they choose to receive full pay by utilizing sick or annual leave in lieu of Workers’ Compensation Benefit or to freeze all leave and receive the Workers’ Compensation Benefits for lost time in excess of seven (7) days.

  • Upon the employee’s return to work notify the Workers Compensation Administrator immediately at 229-333-5709 so that appropriate action can be taken on the Injured Employee’s Workers’ Compensation Claim.

Return to Work Program (803.02e)

Please see 803.02 for additional information.