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EMPLOYEES: Do not go to The Student Health Center

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Employers are required by the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law to provide prompt medical and disability benefits for injuries sustained on the job by workers resulting in partial or total incapacity or death.  Work related injuries should be reported within 24 hours by the supervisor or authorized department person to 1-877-656-RISK(7475). Injuries should not be called in by the injured worker.  For further information on Workers' Compensation, see links below.

Injured Worker's Responsibilities 

If you experience a workers’ compensation injury, you should notify your supervisor immediately (no later than 24 hours). Your supervisor will contact DOAS RISK .

Your next step is to call AmeriSys Managed Care at 678-781-2848 or 800-900-1582 to speak with a case manager who can assist you in obtaining medical care, finding a physician or getting you the appropriate follow-up care. You will be asked to choose an authorized treating physician who will supervise your medical treatment to ensure you are receiving high quality, appropriate care.

You may change your authorized treating physician, within the DOAS physician network, one time during your treatment simply by calling AmeriSys Managed Care at 678-781-2848 or 800-900-1582. Any further change of physician will require the concurrence of DOAS RISK and the Nurse Case Manager. 

Supervisor's Responsibility

As part of the contract between the Department of Administrative Services and a Third Party Administrator (TPA) , there is a minimum $150 charge by the TPA for every claim that is reported through the Telephonic Claims Reporting Center. Additionally there is a $15 per claim charge by the call center for any claim reported for a total administrative cost of $165 per claim.

Accordingly, due to these charges, certain claims need to be reported differently. Accidents or “near misses” that DO NOT RESULT in any lost work days or require medical attention, outside of first aid by the department, SHOULD NOT BE REPORTED TO DOAS THROUGH THE TELEPHONIC CLAIMS REPORTING CENTER. Instead, the supervisor should complete the “Incident Notice Only” that can be found on our Human Resources web site under Workers’ Compensation. As directed on the Incident Notice Only, the report should sent to Human Resources for future reporting if the employee requires medical treatment later.

For additional information clink on Role of Supervisor

Referral to Specialists

Your authorized treating physician is responsible for determining the medical necessity for referrals to specialists if needed. Your authorized treating physician is required to contact AmeriSys Managed Care at 678-781-2848 or 800-900-1582 for referral approval within the network. Authorization for non-participating physicians will be considered only in special circumstances when required for specialized care not available within network.

Pharmacy Benefits

  • Matrix Healthcare Services (1-877-804-4900)
  • Injured employees should identify themselves at the pharmacy by stating that the Processor is:
  • Premier Pharmacy Plan – Group ID 2105

Treatment By Non-Participating Providers

You are required to receive all medical care through a participating network provider. The only exception will be under special circumstances as approved by the Nurse Case Manager and DOAS RISK jointly and in compliance with the State Board of Worker’s Compensation Rule 208.

If you experienced a workers’ compensation injury or illness prior to the effective date of this managed care plan, you may continue treatment already in effect. An AmeriSys Nurse Case Manager will be assigned for continued coordination of care when needed, in accordance with the State Board of Worker’s Compensation Rule 208.

Case Management

The AmeriSys Case Manager will be in contact with you from the time of your injury ensuring that you are receiving the best medical care to enable you to return to work as quickly as possible. The nature and severity of your injury will determine the extent of the case management services provided. Your medical case manager is a licensed, registered health care professional whose responsibilities include helping you make informed decisions regarding your care. Your case manager will also work with your employer in developing a return to work plan that is approved by your authorized treating physician.

Emergency Care

If, as a result of a work related injury or illness, you require immediate medical attention, you should proceed to the nearest emergency medical care facility or call 911 for assistance.

Following your emergency admission, service or procedure, you or your designated representative must notify AmeriSys Managed Care of your injury by calling 678-781-2848 or 800-900-1582.

If you require additional care contact AmeriSys Managed Care at 678-781-2848 or 800-900-1582 and speak to a Case Manager who will assist you in selecting an authorized treating physician. Your authorized treating physician will then evaluate your treatment plan and make further recommendations

Dispute Resolution

AmeriSys Managed Care will respond to any dissatisfaction regarding a network provider or managed care service under your employer’s plan. If you have a complaint, please contact AmeriSys Managed Care at 678-781-2848 or 800-900-1582. The Dispute Resolution Coordinator will discuss your complaint with the appropriate party.

The Dispute Resolution Coordinator will respond to you within 24 hours, or the next working day.

A written complaint regarding claims practices or provision of services concerning the Managed Care Plan or its network providers may be sent in writing to:

AmeriSys Dispute Resolution Coordinator c/ o Integrated Care Management
5 Dunwoody Park
Suite 118
Atlanta, Georgia 30338

If the dispute cannot be resolved within 30 days of a written notice, by the Managed Care Dispute Resolution Procedure, any party may request intervention by the State Board of Worker’s Compensation.  DOAS Risk Management may become involved at anytime during the dispute process upon the request of the injured party.

Please Note: If your dispute involves the payment of benefits or aspects of your claims not directly related to the provision of medical care, contact Risk Management for assistance by calling 404-656-6245 or 877-656-RISK (7475) and selection Option #3.

Workers Compensation Weekly Benefits

Effective February 1, 2012, DOAS, Risk Management Services will move to “pre- paid” Visa cards for payment of Workers’ Compensation Weekly benefits.   DOAS will roll out the new card with new payments going forward from February 1st and will move existing payments to recipients. The card will be the default payment for WC benefits as opposed to a paper check.