2017 Perf. Management Process Workflow

During this phase, the employee and manager establish performance and development goals for the performance cycle: 

  • Meet with manager to review and discuss the Goals.
  • Log into PeopleAdmin Performance Management module and Acknowledge Goals.

  • Consider campus and unit goals and initiatives for the upcoming performance cycle.
  • Review current employee performance.
  • Draft Goals in PeopleAdmin Performance Management module by Mid-November.
  • Meet with employee to review, discuss and finalize Goals.
  • Submit Goals in PeopleAdmin.   

Much of this phase will involve coaching. Coaching is a method of providing feedback. It helps shape performance and increases the likelihood that the employee's results will meet expectations. A coaching session generally focuses on one or two aspects of performance.

Once performance goals are set, managers should check in regularly with employees to discuss the status of goals and to provide feedback based on observations of an employee's performance. It is equally important to provide feedback on areas of success as on those requiring improvement.

Documentation of meetings and observations can be done online using the Progress Notes feature in the PeopleAdmin Performance Management module. Progress Notes are where both supervisor and employee can keep a private log of milestone attainment or development throughout the year. Progress Notes should be written with as much specific detail as possible.

  • Review Goals and Progress Notes prior to meeting with manager.
  • Be prepared to discuss progress, concerns or recommended changes to the Goals.

  • Review Goals and Progress Notes prior to meeting with employee.
  • Be prepared to provide effective feedback on progress and performance levels observed.
  • During the month of December, have Performance Check-in meeting with employee.
  • If needed, revise Goals in PeopleAdmin Performance Management module with employee.
  • Document key discussion points in comment section of Performance Check-in within PeopleAdmin Performance Management module.

The performance review summarizes the employee's contributions over the entire performance cycle, typically a year-long. The review discussion is simply a continuation of the momentum established throughout the year. The key is to set a tone that is open and productive, and to ensure that by the end of the discussion both manager and employee have reached an understanding on any issues that require further discussion, timelines for completion, development goals that need to be met for the next performance cycle, and review points.

  • Complete the Self-Assessment in the PeopleAdmin Performance Management module by January 31. This form includes progress on goals, additional accomplishments, and proposed goals for the next performance cycle.
  • Review the Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS). 
  • Meet with manager.
  • Add comments to the Performance Review and “acknowledge” in the PeopleAdmin Performance Management module. 

  • Review the employee's Self-Assessment
  • Review Progress Notes and Performance Check-in
  • Have talent discussions with key clients and colleagues familiar with employees’ performance
  • By March 1, 2018, complete Annual Review form in PeopleAdmin Performance Management module and meet with employee.